Friday, Aug 25, 2017
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Are you feeling hungry? Well stay upstairs, because you never know what may lurk down in the basemrnt. Los Angeles based Writer / Director Luke Asa Guidici has just released his newest short film, Time To Eat.

Time To Eat stars Ethan Mora and Ydaiber Orozco. The short is completed in such a way that mirrors a silent film and the story is of a young boy who wonders into the basement for a monstrous revelation. Before we discuss any more of it, please take the 3 minutes to watch the short for yourself.

Please follow and like us: Did you miss your chance for the 15 Second Horror Challenge? Well here is your opportunity to impress some more horror and Hollywood icons with your 15 seconds. Eli Roth has partnered with CryptTV to create an Instagram contest, #15SecondScare. The director of gore-centric films like Hostel and Cabin Fever wants you to scare him

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