Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Wicked Lit Releases Scripts To Immersive Productions

It is no secret that if you follow We Are Indie Horror, you know we love immersive theater. As the form of entertainment advances, immersive theater experiences have grown; putting the audience directly in the middle of a story and the horror genre has thrived immensely with this new form of entertainment. One company here in Los Angeles redefined immersive theater. Wicked Lit takes classic tales that we know and love and puts you in the middle in a non-intrusive way by utilizing real creepy locations and some of the best actors in town. More like a walking play, We Are Indie Horror had the pleasure of visiting this past year’s Halloween Event, you can read our coverage HERE. Out of the Wicked Lit camp is a new product for all immersive theater fans and hopeful creators alike, the Wicked Lit Collection.

The Wicked Lit Collection is a paperback collection of 9 different plays produced by Wicked Lit in the past. 202 pages of scripts, author insights, and tips for producing plays in different venues. The book also includes information on how you can license their plays for your own productions, outside of Los Angeles. If you ever wanted to put together your own show, this has all the tools to do it.

The collection includes the following nine tales: The Body Snatcher (Wicked Lit 2011), The Cask of Amontillado (Wicked Lit 2010), The Chimes: A Goblin Story (Wicked Lit 2010), The Grove of Rashomon (Wicked Lit 2015), Las Llorona (Wicked Lit 2014), The Monkey’s Paw (Wicked Lit 2015 Installation), The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Wicked Lit 2009), The Tell-Tale Heart (Wicked Lit 2013 Installation), and The Unammable (Wicked Lit 2010).

This is a phenomenal product for an immersive theater company to launch. If you are looking to get into your own immersive theater troupe outside of Los Angeles, The Wicked Lit Collection provides you a solid tool for learning how to produce and showcase your own horror tale in a unique environment. The book is being published by published by Steele Spring Stage Rights. You can order directly from

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