Thursday, May 18, 2017
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X-Rated Bride Of Frankenstein Comes From Horrify Me (NSFW)

Just in time for the Halloween season, our good friends in the UK at Horrify Me have an incredible not safe for work new set of photos. This time the subject is one of the most classic women in all of cinema. We are talking about none other than the Bride of Frankenstein.

First making her appearance in the 1935 Universal Monster flick, The Bride Of Frankenstein, scared audiences with her dead like monster demeanor. She acted as the partner to Frankenstein’s Monster. Originally briefly mentioned in the novel as an escape for the monster, she became famous from the films. In the original film, the bride was portrayed by Elsa Lanchester and then later in 1985 by Jennifer Beals in The Bride.

With the movement of independent women and the rise of feminism over the past few years, it is no surprise that Rick Jones decided to portray such a powerful female in such a gory light for the Halloween 2016 season. The team over at Horrify Me created the showpiece set to exhibit the Bride as an “erotic figure of surgical malpractice”.

The sensual femininity on display is juxtaposed with cruel science, a patchwork woman built from dead body parts that is simultaneously beautiful and horrific.

The make-up was completed by photographer Rick Jones over ten hours while the shoot itself took two hours. Rick’s wife, Claire Jones, is responsible for the phenomenal hair while model Debbie Tolley brought The Bride to life over the long process.

For those in the dark, Horrify Me is a photography studio that transforms models and clients into horrific creatures with portrait style photo shoots. In the past they have struck gold with their Lady Pinhead, The Angry Princess, and Return of the Living Dead sets among many more.

For more information on Horrify Me and how to book an appointment with them, head over to the important links below. We have posted some of the pictures below and trust us these are NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK). We are not about censoring over here so we included some of our favorites uncensored. The rest can be seen over at their website.

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