Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Colorado Monster Madness Rocks Hard For A Good Cause

While horror fans run rampant across the globe, sometimes finding each other can be a difficult endeavor. It can be hard trying to find someone to share your mutual love for blood and gore without looking like an outcast from the rest of “normal society.” Currently in Denver, Colorado a group is working diligently to bring Denver horror fans together and raise money for a good cause.

a2ce0e74-2afd-456e-9ad7-11f0a42aa2d4Colorado Monster Madness is an annual convention geared at bringing the horror community of Denver closer together. Through vendors, guests, and unique programming, the convention aims to give horror fans an engaging and horrific experience for the whole family. Taking place on the weekend of July 6-8, the convention will include a film festival, photo ops, a gaming tournament, and more. Currently listed guests include world class illusionists, tattoo artists and performers, with more names to be announced soon.

In order to raise funds for the convention, Colorado Monster Madness will be throwing a Rock Out Jam on May 21 at Bushwackers Saloon. 20% of the total funds earned will be donated to Veterans in Trouble, an organization which helps homeless veterans find a way through life. With a charity like that receiving donations, it’s a great reason to support this show. Bands playing the Rock Out Jam range in style from industrial to punk to doom metal. Local bands playing include Carion Tree, Serial Killer Sunday School, 86-Band headlining Dr. Death + Mr. Vile. These bands all embody whats great about the horror genre, all while delivering excellent music. Tickets are only $8 and will be sold at the door.

It’s always great to see horror fans flocking together to create a community. This is exactly why We Are Indie Horror was created in the first place, and watching this awesome lineup to support veterans and the horror community is simply wonderful. There is still plenty of time to jump onto Colorado Monster Madness and a sponsor, vendor, or anything else you’d like to do, just head over to their website and send them an email.

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