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Herman Incluses

Undoubtedly most of our Fear Makers tend to be filmmakers. Here at We Are Indie Horror, we try our best to show off Fear Makers from all facets of art. This week we’d like to share an artist that is taking it back. How far back? Get ready, we are going medieval.herman_inclusus_header

This week’s featured Fear Maker comes all the way from Midlands in the United Kingdom. Along with giving the world the first (and possibly greatest) metal band Black Sabbath, Midlands gives a home to the dark arts of Herman Inclusus.

Herman‘s obsession with all things macabre stems from his childhood home, which just happens to be a 500 year old mansion. His interest was peaked at his Greek Orthodox grandparents funeral. The mixture of the long robes, swinging chalices, and open casket spoke to Herman, leading him into he dark abyss which later became his art.

Drawing inspiration from Gothic art and literature has led Herman to more specific works of H.P. Lovecraft and religious artworks from that time. Notably Islamic miniatures and Orthodox iconography, Herman’s art represents a sort of religious darkness which resides deep within it’s historic literature.

“There’s a specific genre or style of horror which influences my work; it’s covered in damp dungeon slime, putrid & festering and wormridden. Horror has to have an oppressive atmosphere, an all-encompassing sense of dread.” -Herman Inclusus

“Film has also played an influence for Herman’s work. F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu and Dario Argento’s giallo films (such as Suspiria and Deep Red) are just some of the films which have a part in his artwork.

Lifting The Shroud

Lifting The Shroud

These pieces largely resemble Medieval manuscripts. This historic art style has largely diminished in the past few centuries, but the artists are still greatly admired. There are several exhibits of this style touring museums across the globe. Herman’s resurrection of this art form is dark in the best way possible. He brings a new light to this mostly dead style of art. His works drift away from definingly religious notes from its mid-century predecessors, and focuses more on the disturbing creepiness which comes from its morbid themes of death and desolation.

The latest work out of Herman Inclusus is a 48 page horror comic book entitled Dismal Incantation. A book with themes revolving around pestilence, putridity and perversions. The perfectly bound hardback has a gold foiled cover with a Red Satin spine bookmark. The story told is of a lonely and bedraggled Monk who attempts to reinstate his forgotten faith through diabolical rituals. The first edition is a limited print of only 500 with each one being hand numbered. It is in his store which you can find at the links below for only £9.99 (approx. $15.18).




Herman has a website full of artwork and apparel, most of which is for sale at surprisingly reasonable rates. These would make perfect gifts for the fans of morbidity and historic art work.

Website: :

Instagram: @hermaninclusus


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