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 David Van de Weyer
Filmmaker, Artist




Ever since my childhood I was drawing and experimenting with any media I get my hands on. I started as a 2D animator. When I was a teenager I experimented with video cameras we rented from the local video store. At that time we were not able to edit our films the way we can now. Next, I studied 3D animation and modeling. I worked on an animated tv show for several years, performing all tasks of the production pipeline. I used to make storyboards, blocking, animation, modeling, and rigging. After that, I worked on a preproduction of a full 3D phantasie film. Currently, I teach 3D animation and modeling.

I enjoy doing live action nowadays. I did some low budget projects on my own. Bride Zombie was my first experiment with a makeup artist. Dead of Night was my next ultra short together with a fantastic screenwriter. I film and experiment a lot. I also do music video clips. I’m working on another short for the moment. I’m working hard to do a full feature film in the future.


My love for the sinister never started, as long I remember it was always there. My influences are surrealist painters and writers like Berlinski, Dali, Paul Delvaux, etc. Films like Exorcist, American Werewolf in London, The Omen, and The Shining are films that influenced me.

I also read a lot of books. Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft are a must, as well as legends, and fairytales all over the world.

I’m somebody who likes to be surprised with horror. I love to see it where I do not expect it. I also think that humor blends well with horror. Humor blends very well with gore and splatter. I’m somebody who prefers suggestion above gore and splatter. Nothing as strong as ones own imagination to scare oneself.


You have to have it all: knowledge, talent, material, connections, inspiration, time, money, talk. First Challenge is to have a good screenplay. Challenge is to see the film in the words of the screenplay. To know what is needed to get it done.

The first Challenge is to have a good screenplay. Challenge is to see the film in the words of the screenplay. To know what is needed to get it done.

Next challenge is to find the right people to work with and to bring a good team together. Good organization and communication is key to a successful shoot.

The next challenge is to find the right location and to be sure the location is the same during the time of filming. For example, you want to film on a field and the day when you plan shooting farmers are working in that field.

Your work has to stand out in quality. Another thing is that you also have to be a businessman next to be an artist. Be aware of the stigma you get as horror FearMaker, so be proud of it.

Advice for the Community:

  • Never stop experimenting.
  • Work hard.
  • Read good books.
  • Make good agreements with crewmembers.
  • Stay away from vampires who use your skills for their own profit.

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