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74555_471026032943845_1690254016_nWhat is it that defines an artist? Does the artist create the art, or does the art define its creator? Whether they work in just one field, or create throughout several facets of mediums, artists create any way they can. When it comes to filmmaking, it is very much the same. Whether a person is an actor, writer, director, gaff, etc, or a combination thereof, the question remains; does the film make the filmmaker, or is it the other way around? This week’s Featured FearMaker is a multi faceted artist working throughout the film industry simultaneously creating worlds as a writer while breathing life into others as an actor. His name is Gregory Blair.

Born and bred in Southern California, Gregory Blair has been a fan of the horror genre for most of his life. From an early age, Gregory could be sound on any given Sunday watching his afternoon films, or deep in a horror book. The quasi clandestine feeling that came from watching horror was a real thrill. “I like the subversive nature, the other-worldliness, the secrecy. It’s like an exotic dessert: a guilty pleasure that only those with a cultivated taste relish.

Greg spent some time studying throughout Los Angeles, including UCLA, as well as abroad at Cambridge University. After schooling, he began working in the industry, earning him several awards in the process.

According to his IMDb page, Gregory Blair began acting in 2006, keeping a steady flow of work since then. He earned himself a Geoffrey Award for Best Character Actor, and has appeared in projects such as the stage plays Sylvia, Six Degrees of Separation; TV appearances on Amazing Sports Stories, Love That Girl!; and on the silver screen in films like He Waits, which earned Gregory a Best Actor nomination.

Aside from working as a stage and screen actor, Gregory Blair is also an accomplished novelist, earning himself a Stonewall Award for “Spewing Pulp.” Other written works attributed to Blair include “The Ritual”, and “Little Shivers” as well as the stage plays Cold Lang Syne and Nicholas Nickleby. Aside from writing for the stage, Blair also has an accomplished screenwriting career, penning the award winning Deadly Revisions, which stars Bill Oberst, Jr. which was also the directorial debut for Blair.

Garden Party MassacreThere are a couple more projects currently underway at Gregory Blair’s production company, Pix/See Productions, including the Blair penned Heretiks, which stars heavy hitters Michael Ironside and Clair Higgins. While Blair only penned this script, he has another film currently in post which we both wrote and directed entitled Garden Party Massacre.

The Comedy horror feature includes an ensemble cast, including Andy Gates, Nichole Bagby, David Leeper, Lisa Hart, Dawna Lee Heising, Matt Weinglass, and Gregory BlairGarden Party Massacre follows a group of friends having, well, a garden party, until someone brings a pickaxe and an attitude. The film is currently in post production, with a Fall release deadline, so we should be hearing more about that soon.

So back to the question posed at the top of the page, what makes an artist? It’s clear based on the sheer amount of work pumped out by Gregory Blair, if an artist is described by his works, he is an artist. Or what about the recognition? Multiple awards won for writing and acting, that too would make Blair an artist. For us, it’s just a little deeper. What makes Gregory Blair an artist? He continuously follows his passions to create exciting new worlds with interesting characters and stellar stories. His determination to his craft is what makes us call him an artist, a FearMaker.

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