Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Friday The 13th: The Game The Movie!


For those of you who are currently unaware, Randy Greenback of Gun Media is currently running a Kickstarter to fund his new throwback game, Friday the 13th: The Game. With a little over a week left to raise just under $100,000, they can really use your help. Check out the new trailer below.

This game promises to be worlds better than it’s NES predecessor, which has confused and enraged players for far too long. Recently a new video which has popped up into the interwebs spoofing the original video game made by the team at MEGA 64.

MEGA 64 is a crack team of gamers and filmmakers who run a podcast and make funny videos. They make live action video game trailers with hilarious spins on them. Their newest project, Friday The 13th: The Game The Movie delivers on all cases of hilarious and scary. If you’ve ever played the NES game, you will completely understand the great jokes and situations these guys put in their short.

If you enjoyed that short, be sure to check our the MEGA 64 YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and their website, complete with a shop. And please, watch out for that toothbrush.

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