Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Silent Hills Inspires Second Game With “Visage”


Ever since Konami cancelled anything and everything related to Silent Hills, the world has never been the same. OK, not entirely true, but we were excited to play it after experiencing P.T. This loss has spawned new life back into horror gaming beginning with Allison Roadwhich we’ve talked about previously, and currently has two weeks to raise $200,000 to meet their Kickstarter goal. Now there’s a new game developed by the team at Sad Square Studio called Visage.

” It is a first-person horror game in which you are shown the dark stories that happened in the past, inside a house stained with hatred and torment. You play an unidentified man (no spoiler!) who is stuck in the house and is trying to find an escape route.” -Sad Square Website

Visage was recently announced, and there is a small team of about three people working on it, so if we want a good game, it will be a while. In the meantime, watch this four minute game play video which gets really intense towards the end. Konami who?

As per usual, be sure to follow this exciting game on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel to stay up to date, and we’ll do our best to do the same.

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