Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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‘Psychos’ Out Now on VOD

By: J. Carlos Menjivar

From writer and director Sandy Chukhadarian – in her feature film debut – Psychos, a bloody tale of revenge is now available on video on demand from Leomark Studios. The low-budget film chronicles a group of psychologically damaged, but bad ass, women who are out for revenge on a tormentor who has been long buried in their psyche, and nearly forgotten. For the three women returning to the location of the crime only serves as a jarring reminder of what they had to go through so many years ago.  

The three women are Sasha (Angelica Chitwood), JJ (Deniele Cloutier), and Norma (Melissa Elena Jones) and they’re victims of sexual abuse. They’re forced to confront their past when they are sent mysterious videos featuring the three gals as teenagers, and thus, re-awakening their tormented past and instilling a need for payback. Now the three women team up to try and locate the Victorian home that is the key to eradicating any trace of what happened to them so many years ago and getting sweet revenge on those responsible. Once at the home, and with the help of Michael (Vince Peagler III)– Sasha’s boyfriend– the trio are reminded of the abuse they suffered within the confines of the home. They’re out for revenge, and bloody revenge they get. 

‘Psychos’ (2017)

Psychos is a low-budget, and bloody, thriller that gets really interesting towards the film’s finale once all loose ends are tied up. Let me just say that you won’t see the end coming as the film twists and turns to a shocking end. Fans of 1970s revenge films, like Act of Vengeance (1974) will enjoy this female-led award winning film (Best Horror Feature Film at Action On Film International Film Festival, 2015 and Best Director at California Women’s Film Festival, 2015).

You can now catch Psychos (as of March 17, 2017) on video on demand.

Check out the film’s trailer below.

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