Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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FREE Crowdfunding Webinar with Professionals

In today’s world, crowdfunding has become the standard for independent artists to raise funds for their projects. As the creators of We Are Indie Horror are learning with their current campaign for the upcoming film Inked: A Prologue, crowdfunding is difficult. There are many different factors that go into a successful campaign and finding them all is harder than a scavenger hunt across the world. Mix in some pretty pictures, great videos, and a ton of luck – you still are not guaranteed to raise all the money. As Filmmakers what are we suppose to do?

Well on Wednesday March 23 at 8PM EST (5PM PST)  filmmaker and podcaster Dave Bullis will coming at you live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a free Blab stream concerning crowdfunding. First and foremost Blab is a FREE service that combines video chatting like Skype with a chat room scenario. If you have a Twitter account, you already have a Blab account as it uses the same information. Utilizing audio and video with a chat room scenario, it is connecting the world one step at a time.

Joining Dave will be the team of ‘Sledge Hammer and Zen Master‘ discussing two Indiegogo campaigns. Sledge Hammer and Zen Master are made up of John Trigonis and Michael Dougherty (not Trick R Treat, Krampus). Both have experience with crowdfunding in a big way. John Trigonis is the Film Campaign Strategist at Indiegogo and the author of the book Crowdfunding for FilmmakersMichael Dougherty is a filmmaker and a crowdfunding specialist who answers questions on crowdfunding from via twitter. He founded Browncoat Big Damn Films, a production house that unites independent film with the ethos of grassroots fundraising for social causes.

They will be discussing two different crowdfunding campaigns that are currently running. The first will be Blur by Michael Lipoma. With a month left Blur is looking to raise $34,000 more. The second project is We Are Indie Horror’s own Inked: A Prologue by creators Neil King and Brian Sapir. With less than three weeks left, Inked needs $8,000 more to create the full dream.

If you miss the show, do not worry. The video will be live on Iron Fist Films YouTube channel. And the audio will be available through Dave Bullis‘ Podcast as a bonus episode. Click HERE for the podcast link.

RSVP today by clicking on the Blab link below.

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