Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Satanists Ditch Their Day Jobs With The Horror Comedy “Born Again”

By: Nicole Bird

born-again_poster_finalThe concept of Satanists and their attempts to bring the Devil to earth has cemented itself as an iconic premise in the horror genre. Rosemary’s Baby, anyone? Not to mention the more recent, slow burn film House of the Devil. However the horror comedy short, Born Again has created a new perspective on Satanists and their main mission.

The film opens on an ominous trio of masked Satanists, surrounding a woman screeching in pain while giving birth. They bumble at each other, nodding and grimacing, in order to determine who will begin the apocalyptic ritual. They finally agree and the three begin chanting around a woman moaning in pain. But, a door opens and we realize, they are all in a dingy garage when Greg, the most bumbling of Satanists arrives, in a Best Buy uniform, no less. He apologizes for his tardiness, lamenting on how he had to unload televisions that “are not heavy, just awkward,” which is arguably the best line in the film. The woman giving birth is now becoming impatient and we learn that she is in on the ritual – she’s probably the brains of the operation, but is currently indisposed, giving birth to Satan and all.

Greg joins the ritual and what occurs proves without a shadow of a doubt that these Satanists, as the tagline for the film boasts, are the “Worst. Satanists. Ever.”

Born Again, directed by Jason Tostevin, takes a long-used premise, now horror trope, and turns it on its head in a refreshing way. These Satanists, through both performance and cinematography, are presented as nimrods, incapable of completing the task at hand, giving the film a lighthearted tone. The comedic timing is punchy and bolsters the already steady pace of the film. While as horror fans, we know the story of a woman giving birth to Satan, Born Again is a satisfying surprise of a short film in the horror world.

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