Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Safety Meeting Productions Changed The Zombie Rules With “Drunk Zombies”

UPDATE: We Are Indie Horror has had the pleasure or releasing Drunk Zombies through our YouTube Channel. Be sure to watch the short directly below!

You’re stumbling out of a bar at two o’clock in the morning, more like falling to the ground if it wasn’t for your equally drunken friend stumbling alongside you, arms embraced similtaneously trying to catch each others fall while stumbling down the alley. As you both turn the corner while trying to remember the lyrics to that Smashmouth song everyone sang, a hoard of zombies comes creeping out of the streets. Normally you’d be fairly dead, but according to the latest zombie short film Drunk Zombie, you may have the perfect defense.

The first film from Safety Meetings Productions, created by WAIH members Alex Napiwocki and Richard Trejo, Drunk Zombies follows two ex-drinking buddies, played by Napiwocki and Jerry Pierce (who also produced the short film), who find themselves affronted by a hoard of zombies. After finding sanctuary inside a bar, the two decide to break their three year sobriety after finding out that zombies will not attack the inebriated. They must take a pub crawl for their lives, or else face their untimely death.

FireShot Screen Capture #075 - 'Drunk Zombies on Vimeo' - vimeo_com_1788504

Jerry Pierce and Alex Napiwocki

There’s no telling what budget they had making the film, with the expertly shot scenes by Chris Sheffieldto the great sets, filming in Olde Town Pasadena, it looks like they could’ve easily spent a few thousand dollars making Drunk Zombies. The short is hilarious, filled with campy humor and witty banter that show off the low budget, punk-rock style of filmmaking the Safety Team will undoubtedly be known for.

While this is the first film for Safety Meeting Productions, the team is far from green on set. Napiwocki has years of experience as an art director and production designer, including the upcoming horror version of The ExpendablesDeath House, and It Came From Candi’s Lab, the YouTube web series from your favorite horror news site, We Are Indie Horror. Trejo also created the sound for Season 2 of the web series. 


Noel Jason Scott

Drunk Zombies actually is an important marker for the WAIH community. This film was made largely from members of our own community, who have met through WAIH and have together created something great. This is what we set out to create when we first created this community, and it has finally been realized. Apart from FearMakers like TrejoNapiwocki, and Sheffield, the film also features Candi Fear herself, Stephanie Gail Williams, as well as other members of the WAIH community Noel Jason ScottAlyse Pierce, and David Sapir.

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