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Review: “Bubba The Redneck Werewolf” Potential Cult Classic

Bubba Redneck Werewolf FI

By J. Carlos Menjivar

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf— based on the indie comic book of the same name by creator Mitch Hyman–is the newest film from director Brendan Jackson Rogers and scribe Stephen Biro. If you’re wondering what the film is about, then avert your attention towards the film’s bodacious title, not only does it capture what the film is about, but it prepares you for its comedic and off-the-wall tone.

Bubba Redneck Werewolf PosterBubba (Chris Stephens) is a hapless, but well intended employee at Barkham Asylum Dawg Pound, tending after dogs with the utmost love and care. Although his interactions with canines are gleeful, despite smelling like dog shit, his interactions with human beings are quite different. He’s not very “manly” according to some people of Cracker County and he’s rather bumbling. Even his attractive girlfriend Bobbie Jo (Malone Thomas) doesn’t have much respect for Bubba. He catches her cheating with another man and there’s nothing Bubba can do about it (her new paramour is really tough and muscular).

But all that is about to change for Bubba as he vies for his gal and the chance to be the person he needs to be to get Bobbie Jo back. At the local watering hole, where broken dreams dwell, the devil (played by comics creator Mitch Hyman) makes his presence known, and brings some “tranquility” to Bubba’s dilemma. Obviously, forging a contract with the devil comes with great repercussions and consequences– like relinquishing one’s soul– and although Bubba is now a full fledge werewolf (Bubba is played now by Fred Lass) this isn’t what he bargained for. However, Bubba makes the best of the situation realizing that there are great benefits to his new lycanthropic look. Now Bubba has inherited the task of saving the town from the devil and beat him at his own game.

Bubba Redneck Werewolf 2

The film offers two great performances from Malone Thomas as Bubba’s girlfriend and from Mitch Hyman who is devilishly delightful as the devil incarnate bringing charm and comic destruction with his performance. Beyond Hyman and Thomas, the film is filled with funny bits from its supporting cast, which includes bartender Jamie Sue (Sara Humbert), the Gypsy Fortune Teller (Gail Fleming), and Drunk Cletus (Gary Norris). A notion of the film that I admire, is the fact that the citizens of Cracker County are so accepting of Bubba the Werewolf, barely flinching at his furry appearance as if it were something normal.

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is a silly tongue-in-cheek comedy that constantly winks at its audience with its ridiculous and often funny premise and gags. The devil wreaks havoc across Cracker County with the clueless denizens giving up their soul for maligned desires that go terribly awry, like the one guy who wants to be Batman, but is instead left to live with a bat through his skull. There are enough comically bloody moments in the film as well, for the bloodhounds out there, featuring hilarious moments of gore. Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is nonstop fun and enjoyable B-movie shlock that is seething with cult status potential.

Bubba Redneck Werewolf 1

The film features artwork from the comic books at the end credits, which looks amazing, and has me intrigued with the comics. You can check out some of this artwork on their official website at to learn more about Mitch Hyman and the talented artists behind the comic.

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