Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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“The Will” Takes A Human Approach To The Zombie Film

Every real zombie fan knows that a good zombie story is not about the undead, but rather the living people stuck in the hellish, apocalyptic world. With six seasons of The Walking Dead, the world has become saturated with “walker” fanatics, and many of them don’t seem to recall the greats like Romero or Fulci. Lucky for us, there are still die hard fans and filmmakers out there creating some deep and enthralling zombie related stories that blow the competition away. One of those films is The Will.

Will only has one thing on his mind, marrying the love of his life. But when the world falls apart, it seems like every odd is stacked against him. As the dead rise and the pressure builds, Will sets out to save his one reason for living, Roxy. It all begins with her.

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Written by Cruz Castillo and Jeremy Reyes, and directed by Dillon KinkeadThe Will is a twenty minute saga following one man as he fights to reunite with his future wife. Along the way he makes friends, and tests his humanity by way of a woman who has been bitten. The Will sucks you in from the beginning with it’s subtle story telling, and leaves you wondering what has happened to the titular character.

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The cast did a phenomenal job at carrying the story, especially Cruz Castillo, who plays the titular Will. Needless to say, it is always refreshing to see different ethnic backgrounds depicted in film, something that the main stream media has been having trouble with the last year. The Will feels like a group of friends came together to make a film, but all of those friends are incredibly talented.

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The film has won a couple awards at The Golden Eagle Film Festival, including first place for Best Screenplay, and third for Best Drama. If given the chance, we highly recommend you take the time to sit down and enjoy this wonderful addition to the zombie genre.

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