Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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“Freckles” Are Not Kisses From God But A Treat For Us

Much like humans, horror comes in all shapes, sizes, and color. We Are Indie Horror had the pleasure of viewing a short 15 minute film that, although stars a red headed freckled girl, should not be treated like a red headed freckled step child. Freckles by  Denise Papas Meechan dives deep into the mind of a girl with a low level of self confidence while Meechan explores the pressures of society.

Freckles’ synopsis reads as follows:

A short psychological drama that follows a super-freckled thirty year-old virginal, self-hating woman’s descent into a dark, depressive, lethal insanity.

Unfortunately we cannot show the film at this time due to it’s involvement with many film festivals currently but we can tell you what we think. First and foremost the short itself is rarity in the horror world. Horror is usually presented in a dark fashion with it’s look. Freckles differs. As it does tell the tale of a lonely and self conscious woman in modern times, the film is bright. Although sad in content, the choice to keep the film lit was a brilliant one. The bright setting allows for a real and raw feeling while allowing the audience to be one with the character as she goes through her day.

The film stars Jenn Halweil who deserves all the praise she will receive for playing the quiet character. Halweil with the help of the beautiful direction by Meechan showcase the descent into insanity that occurs. When the audience comes in, Halweil’s character is almost there. She is on the edge and looking over and these two days we follow her are the last two straws before she finally snaps. Halweil played the role perfectly. Although there is not much dialogue the believability is in the eyes and the facial expressions.

Meechan does a phenomenal job of putting the audience into the shows of Halweil‘s character. The first time we enter the street with her, we see how people react to a freckled person in the real world, at least as to how our main character feels. Through telling a story that inevitably leads to a believable real-life horror, Meechan has to begin with a real-life horror. Body shaming is a powerful form of judgement now-a-days pushing cultural standards on woman’s appearance to all time high in form of stress level. Freckles allows the audience to feel this form of stress, male or female, from the perspective of the victim. Creative cinematography truly showcases the loneliness while subtleties of a hooded girl walking the streets demonstrates the main characters mutual rejection with society.

As stated before, horror comes in all shapes, sizes, and color. Freckles on the outside may not read like a horror film but the reality of the situation and the truth presented puts Freckles in a real situational horror. Phenomenal work from Denise Papas Meechan and the lead actress Jenn Halweil in bringing a real issue to the screen with a horror filled payoff. Do not let the bright colors and slower pace throw you off because going on this journey of insanity ends in pure raw horror.

Be on the lookout for Freckles as it is entering festivals all around the world with the most recent announcement having the film be a part of CANNES Short Film Corner. Congratulations to all involved, it is well deserved. Follow the important links below for more information.

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