Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Review: ‘Queen Wasp’ Short, Visually Disturbing

By Khalil Flier

An interesting short film with an even more interesting style, Queen Wasp follows the story of Jessica, a young woman living in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles after some nondescript event has left the city sacked and in the hands of a tyrannical warlord known as the “The Commander.” Fearing for the next generation and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a better world for the citizens of tomorrow Jessica becomes the Queen Wasp and carries out a deadly plot to rid the city of the Commander and his influence, while also getting vengeance for the death of her sister.

Written, directed, edited, shot, and scored by Adrian Baez, Queen Wasp is a visually disturbing film. Starkly shot in black and white with bizarre characters, a dissonant electronic soundtrack, and off-kilter cinematography really helped to convey the message early on that the world this is set in is wrong. And this deeply sickening sense of corruption and fear is only enhanced by the performances of Kathleen Maressa (Jessica), Shane Ryan (The Commander), and Nick Principe (The Tormentor). At no point in the film do they let a glimmer of hope escape the grimy veneer which this film creates. And despite its odd approximately 30-minute length, the film feels entirely well paced and appropriately timed.

Queen Wasp was produced by MollyWalsh Video Productions and will be coming soon to Back Aisle Video  (link provided) where a limited 500 Blu-ray copies of the film will be sold with a whole slew of extras including 3 additional short films, behind the scenes, interviews, trailers, a gallery, and more. All funds from Queen Wasp will go to create their latest film. Find out more about MollyWalsh Video Productions on their official website.

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