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Holiday Horror Guide – 5 Horror Books


Throughout the Christmas Season, We Are Indie Horror will be bringing specific gift guides for the horror lover in the family, even if it is only you. Previously we brought a list of awesome etsy items, which deserve recognition. Today we attack the book worm of the family.

Horror books present a unique perspective on the story and many feel it envelopes the reader more into the creepy world. Books offer deeper looks into the mind of a character or a more attentive detailed surrounding. What follows are five books which We Are Indie Horror feels will please any horror fan.

Trick R’ Treat: Days of The Dead & Krampus: Shadow of St. Nicholas 

Michael Doughtery

Trick R Treat DOD4924402-krampus_cover















An incredible and creative mind within Michael Doughtery has led him to original horror fame. The writer and director brought the world a beautiful and fascinating anthology film filled with frights, laughs, and a great story. 2015 has been a big year for Mr. Doughtery. Not only did he release his now extremely successful holiday classic Krampus, he had two graphic novels released. Back in October, he released an anthology graphic novel which acts as a prequel and a lead in to the much talked about sequel. Trick R’ Treat: Days of The Dead is filled with gorgeous artwork by some of the most talented artists in the industry creating a perfect companion piece to the film and soon to be sequel. Krampus is another anthology graphic novel which acts as a companion piece for his festive film. The 128 page book expands on the legend of the beast Krampus and allows for more immersion into his film world. Together the books can be purchased on Amazon for only $20.28.



The Girls of October

Josh Hancock


We Are Indie Horror has mentioned this novel before. Josh Hancock was a Featured FearMaker back in the month of October. His novel, which he has been touring with to conventions across the United States, is a uniquely formatted story told with documents and articles. The story is about a girl who becomes obsessive with John Carpenter‘s Halloween and is convicted of a murder. The mystery lies in if she did it or not. With each new document or article the reader is given a new bit of information either on the intelligent horror obsessed film student, Beverly Dreger, or a new piece of evidence. An epistolary novel tells a chilling story of psychosis, family secrets, and murder. Currently you can purchase it on Amazon for only $14.99 by clicking the link above. Not only are you giving the gift of a great story, each purchase helps fund an independent horror FearMaker and helps him continue his craft.

The Scarlet Gospels

Clive Barker

Scarlet Gospels Cover

A must have for any Hellraiser fan. For those unaware Hellraiser began as a book series with the inaugural title of The Hellhound Heart. The first two movies are based off of the original novel penned by the mastermind himself Clive Barker2015 saw the release of the final nail in the Pinhead coffin. The novel is a fast and fun read. Filled with gore, fright, and everything insane custom to the Hellraiser series, be it the films or the novels. If you have only seen the films, you can jump in on The Scarlet Gospels and not feel lost. The main character from the Hellraiser V: Inferno, Detective Harry D’Amour, returns as Pinhead journeys into Hell to take on the Satan himself. The Scarlet Gospels has been an anticipated horror book for many years by fans of the franchise. Barker delivers a dark and satisfying tale which allows Pinhead and D’Amour to end in the most epic way possible. Currently on Amazon for under $20, the book makes a perfect companion to any puzzle box.


Chainsaw Confidential

Gunnar Hansen


First and foremost, may the brilliant man behind the masked killer in the independent classic The Texas Chainsaw MassacreGunnar Hansen rest in peace. Although his memoirs were released in 2014, this horror book makes the list because of how pertinent it will remain for years to come. Chainsaw Confidential dives into the intense creation of arguably the most controversial film made (strictly due to the time it was release, not on the content). In the book he tells tales of troubles and situations which arose while filming in the hot desert of Texas. As huge fans of Texas Chainsaw Massacre over here, we love this book. Gunnar has an incredible way with words which keeps the readers engaged from page 1 until the end. A must have for all Leatherface fans. Currently the book can be purchased in paperback or hardcopy over at Amazon for around $20 (pending style choice and prime membership).


Tales For A HalloweeNight

John Carpenter and Various Others

Tales for a halloweenight cover

Under the radar, this past October, saw a release from one of the greatest minds in Horror. John Carpenter created a graphic novel anthology composed of short stories told by authors all across the world of horror and film. The tales included features graveyards, sunken ships, creepy crawlers, and ghosts. Although Halloween related, We Are Indie Horror, loves Halloween all year round. The artwork is incredibly beautiful and worth the purchase alone. The lineup of authors and artists involved for the horror book reads as a who’s who in horror: John Carpenter (Prince of DarknessThe Thing)Steven Hoveke(Thor (comic), Steamworld Chronicles), Sandy King (John Carpenter’s AsylumVampiresThey Live), Steve Niles (30 Days of NightCriminal Macabre), James Ninness (InsanityAZChronicles of a Full Time Father), Trent Olsen (John Carpenter’s Asylum), David Schow (The CrowTexas Chainsaw Massacre), Tim Bradstreet (PunisherHellblazer), Buzz (WolverineDr. StrangeFederico DeLuca (Dorian GrayJohn Saul’s The God Project), Leonardo Manco(John Carpenter’s AsylumHellblazer), Darick Robertson (TransmetropolitanThe Boys), Tone Rodriguez (John Carpenter’s Snake Plissken ChroniclesUncanny Xmen 100 Project) and more. Also available on AmazonTales For A HalloweeNight runs only $14.99.


Reading is a cathartic experience which sparks conversation and external thought. When diving into a horror based book, readers are in for a treat. A horror book has the ability to send shivers down your spine and make you cry from fear within one sentence. Did we miss any other awesome books that came out this year? Please let us know!

What list of horror based items for the holidays would you like to see? We Are Indie Horror is here to help find the perfect present for the horror lover in your life.

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