Saturday, May 20, 2017
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Horrify Me Presents Tarman from “Return of the Living Dead”

It’s been a minute since we have heard from the talented Rick Jones of our favorite UK photo studio, Horrify Me. Today we have a special treat as he has released a new set of photos.

The award winning horror photography studio has attempted a long dream of theirs, they recreated Tarman from the legendary 80’s horror classic Return of the Living DeadHorrify Me has brought one of the most iconic zombies of all time back from the dead. With the creative use of buckets of black toxic slime, this latest photoshoot created an incredible mess. Tarman is represented by mode Lee Frost who endured countless hours of disgusting makeup and sticky black glop. Throughout the entire shoot Lee Frost could not see due to the use of giant plastic eyeballs which were glued to his face. Props to the model for allowing the cold and wet oily rags to be tied all over his body followed by taking a dip into a very gross toxic barrel of sludge. Photography Rick Jones comments:

Tarman is a particular favourite at Horrify Me and the opportunity to recreate him was priceless.

Rick Jones is an artist and photography for the award winning photography studio Horrify Me and is renowned for making other people suffer for his art. Some of his best work includes Lady Pinhead, The Angry Princess, and the Bride of FrankensteinRick Jones is responsible for all the makeup, special effects, lighting, photography, and editing. His wife Claire Jones assists him with his makeup and effects. Together they create phenomenal photos and with Tarman the bar has been risen once again. Take a look for yourself at all the images posted below. Do not forget to follow the important links if you’d like to keep up to date on everything Horrify Me or even book your very own horror shoot.

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