Saturday, Feb 4, 2017
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Jon’s Haunts: Zombie Joe’s Urban Death

UrbanDeathTourOfTerror2015-800-47Our featured FearMaker for the week, Jon Schnitzer, is an expert in haunts. His upcoming film Haunters: The Movie explores the ins and outs and the drama of all things haunted events. We Are Indie Horror asked Jon to give us his five favorite haunts and like most other creative types, he was not able to give us just five; Jon gave us seven. Throughout the week we will explore these haunts and explain why he loves it and where you can find it.

Today’s haunt takes place in North Hollywood, California. Zombie Joe’s Urban Death is a unique experience that takes the audience through a play and an adventure. Jon explains it best:

Part maze, part bizarre show, but 100% original. This feels like you’re exploring a David Lynch dream sequence, but with some really big scares. Warning: Nudity, and graphic situations may be too shocking for some, but just shocking enough for the rest of us 😉

Tour-of-Terror-2015-2-300x200Blurring the lines of live theater by utilizing all tools possible to create a sit down haunt experience, Zombie Joe’s Urban Death has been described as not for the squeamish or the weak-willed. It looks to take 40+ short terrifying scenes and present them in just about 55 minutes.

Each year Zombie Joe’s theater troupe put on this once in a lifetime horror play. Blending humor, thrill, shock, and fear into one hour long show. They have been putting this show on for over 10 years now and it continues to awe audiences throughout the Halloween season.

You can check out more information at their Website here. If you are in the North Hollywood area over the weekend, Friday or Saturday, be sure to grab tickets and check out the unique and frightening show of Zombie Joe’s Urban Death. Tickets are only $15 and they have a show starting every hour on the hour starting at 8PM and going until 12AM. As always be sure show your support via Facebook here.

And do not forget to check out Jon Schnitzer’s upcoming Haunters and the marvelous V.I.P. club with exclusive clips to the film.

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