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“Let Go” Bends The Genre In A Hauntingly Beautiful Way

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We Are Indie Horror woke up with an e-mail looking to promote a short film. We have been getting more of these types of e-mails recently and honestly never know what to expect when we watch them. This particular one has our attention. Let Go comes to us from Canadian filmmaker Isabel Dréan.

Award-winning filmmaker, Isabel Dréan divulges into psychological, thriller, murder mystery, suspense, and horror genres. She is the founder of the first independent web series online platform in Quebec, Canada. She currently splits her time between Montreal and Los Angeles. Isabel Dréan has this to say about the making of Let Go.

This film is very personal to me as I made it with my own children. As a mother, nothing is scarier than the thought of losing a child. It was a very challenging artistic process.  Every one involved was passionate about the project, I’m happy that our team is getting recognized for their effort.”

Isabel Drean , Entertainment Award winner for 'Manigances' at the 2014 New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards
Isabel Dréan , Entertainment Award winner for ‘Manigances’ at the 2014 New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards

Let Go tells the story of a mother struggling with the tragic loss of her daughter. Starring Claudia Ferri (the mother), Jaz Coté Dréan (the son Mathis) and Milan Coté Dréan(the daughter Claire), the short film’s key members include Philippe Toupin (cinematographer), Maxime Poirier & Nage Canchola (editors), and Jérôme Boisvert (Score). The film was written and produced by Isabel Dréan and co-produced by Simon Côté of Productions.

Let Go and director Isabel Dréan are being honored at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival. They have received three awards; all well deserved. The awards they will be given at the November 14 ceremony are Best CinematographyBest Directing, and Best Short Film. The ceremony will be held at the Promenade Playhouse Theater in Santa Monica, CA, if you are interested in going and showing your support.



We Are Indie Horror has been granted the pleasure of being able to view Let Go and let us tell you, it hits every human emotion and truly allows you to feel. Horror is a very personal genre; diving into fears and emotions that most people like to ignore. Usually fans of horror re-navigate the negative emotions of fear to a positive sense of joy. Let Go takes horror a different route. It forces the audience to feel the negative emotions and hold on to them. This is difficult to explain but it will all be clear once you see the film. The short itself teeters along a fine line of horror and drama. The situation in the film is a horrifying and very personal experience. If a horror film has a monster, a serial killer, aliens, or even a ghost; those horrors are presented as fears caused by an external entity. Let Go explores the other side of horror, which is not shown often, the internal. A personal tale of a mother losing a child may sound just sad but in the fashion Let Go is told, it is pure horror. Although not scary for someone viewing the situation but putting yourself into their shoes, you as a viewer feel the personal demons inside and realize those characters are in the scariest situation possible. We know this sounds vague but we truly do not want to give anything away.

Let Go is a beautifully haunting piece of art that carefully and perfectly balances horror and drama taking the viewer on a dark ride of internal visceral horror. The short hits all emotions on such a high level, this is a guaranteed tear inducer. Check out the trailer below and show your support. Short films like this are rare and deserve all the recognition it can find. For more information about Let Go and Isabel Dréan’s work, visit her official website:

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