Friday, Sep 1, 2017
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Review: ‘The Amulet of Fear’ – Another Entertaining Short from Auteur Andrea Ricca

By: J. Carlos Menjivar

Here on We are Indie Horror we’ve talked a lot about filmmaker Andrea Ricca– he’s the one man show who’s crafted films entirely on his own taking on multiple pre/post and production roles. In his newest short film The Amulet of Fear, Ricca serves as director, writer, director of photography, editor, 3D modeling & animation, compositing, and post-production. Take a look at our reviews for two other Ricca films: Ouija Board Secret and Alien Night 2

Anyone Home?; ‘The Amulet of Fear’

The only thing Andrea Ricca couldn’t do was star in his own film (although he’s a star in his own right) and that honor goes to actress Ludovica Ferraro. Ferraro plays a woman who comes across a mysterious amulet. On a night like any other, as she readies to curl up with a good book (in this case “Stephen King’s ‘The Creature’), things take a turn for the terrifying when the amulet activates and conjures a creature in her humble abode. If you notice carefully the creature is an exact replica of the creature on the cover of her King book (pictured below). 

The rest of Amulet of Fear plays out like a monster-chase film where our protagonist attempts to outwit and outrun the ferocious beast in a desperate struggle for survival from the unknown. At times the short film feels like a quickly paced episode of The Twilight Zone and is overall a whole lot of fun, keeping in vain with the rest of Ricca’s filmography. Ricca is a true auteur and his films yield a passion for filmmaking as his obsession with monsters and creatures continues in his latest effort. 

Reading Has Never Been This Dangerous; Ludovica Ferraro in ‘The Amulet of Fear’

To get a glimpse of Andrea Ricca’s work head on over to his YouTube Channel and check out some playlists of his work. To find out more on the filmmaker check out Ricca’s official website.

Keep the Fear Alive!

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