Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
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Slasher Flick ‘Bunni’ Slashes Its Way To a March DVD Release

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There aren’t enough films about psychopathic matriarchs out there, but director Daniel Benedict, brings us just that with Bunni, hopefully satisfying an unknown taste for “motherly” slashers. The film is about a group of teens that whet their curiosity by going where they’re not supposed to (an abandoned factory), with their lives possibly ending in a pool of blood at the hands of a relentless and macabre killer.

Bunni tells the following story:

12507185_910071459061917_3736299055855308168_nFollowing a Halloween party, an attractive girl and her friends must fight to escape the nightmarish dwelling of a twisted killer with a dark secret

If the poster of a leather-clad, double-knife wielding, masked killer with adorable bunny ears doesn’t entice you, then perhaps Bunni’s trailer will convince you. Check out the trailer and see why Bunni looks to be one of the most promising and fun slashers of 2016. From the looks of the trailer, there seems to be enough for slasher fans to enjoy, promising a ton of blood, hopefully satisfying an indelible propensity for blood! And if what I have read about Daniel Benedict is true, and he truly did make a homemade sequel to Friday the 13th on a VHS camcorder, then count me in!

The film stars Mercedes Varble and Kent Blue. The director, Daniel Benedict, looks to create a fun entertaining slasher which throws back to classics from the 80’s. The killer is original and stems from the lost of a bad relationship which reflects in the story’s themes. Bunnie promises interesting characters and death sequences which will soon not be forgotten.

The production company behind the Bunni killer is Red Serial Films, a production company with the goal to create low budget entertaining and quality flicks utilizing the incredible talents available. Their first feature film Fall Of Gray Skull, is available to watch in it’s entirety by clicking HERE

Bunni had its World Premiere Halloween 2013 in writer/director Daniel Benedict’s hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky. Bunni is produced by Red Serial Films with its DVD release handled through Wild Eye Releasing. The film is set to release in March nationwide for $19.95.

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