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“Tender” Hits With New Trailer And BTS Photos!


Dating, no matter what time period, can be a great source for a terrifying experience. Often times, two strangers meet and trust each other not to kill one another while enjoying a night out on the town or a movie night in. With modern times and internet dating, the stranger factor is raised ten fold. Swiping right can lead to a potential date with the next notorious serial killer. Today’s world of blind dating is truly a terrifying game. PROco PROduction coMPANY have tackled the horrifying subject matter with their latest short Tender.

First horror film from directors and producers Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson takes the audience on a journey that many fear, a date. Familiarity with a person allows for a nice conversation over dinner and some wine, but what if that person was not who they seemed. With a simple but terrifying premise, the two filmmakers were able to control their situation and do what independent filmmakers do best, use what they have. Recently a brand new trailer has been released for the short film, which hopefully means release very soon. Check out the trailer right here.

Tender stars Ryan Demarest, Evan Cassidy, Littlefoot, and introducing Joyce Hall. The entire cast was strong and created a believable situation. The script which was written by Steven Rodgers helped guide the actors to great performances.

PROco PROduction coMPANY according to their website, was founded based on a joke. They were attempting to parody a film production company and make joke videos where microphones were in the shot and intentionally left pictures out of focus. As any artist, time went on and they eventually became better. All the joking aside, the team realized they could actually make something worthy. The traits the entire team had, joking or not, was their passion, creativity, and hard work. Through those three very important attributes, an actual company was born. The team is incredibly diverse with talent ranging from comedy to musicians to even animation. As a production company, they are well aware of their talents and do not take themselves too seriously which leads to a fun environment which is noticed the moment you click to their website.

Tender Poster

Although tapped into comedy, Tender ventures deep into horror which is unfamiliar territory for the team. The scare factor in Tender is handled with care and professionalism. Here at We Are Indie Horror we hope to continue to see great horror coming out of Tender. Although they have had their world premiere at October’s Halloween El Cid Short Film Nightwe are still awaiting announcement on a full release. Stay tuned to We Are Indie Horror for the latest news in all things PROco PROduction coMPANY and TenderWe leave you with their latest full short, which although not horror, fits the holiday season well and is impressive animation work from director and producer Joesph R. Davis. Following are exclusive Behind The Scene photos from the Tender shoot courtesy of Robert OldHCDude Cortez.

You can always follow the team by checking out the important link section below.

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