Wednesday, Mar 21, 2018
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The Dark Ride Project Is Bringing The Worlds Oldest Dark Rides Right To Your Phone.

America has a rich history of horror, despite being a relatively young nation. There are ghost tours and haunted houses, both authentic and fabricated. Not to mention we can claim Edgar Allen Poe as our own – if that doesn’t say ‘Murica, I don’t know what does. But, from this history of horror emerged amusement parks with ghost tours and haunted house rides that catered to the creepy, whose rides were terror- themed, in the dark, beckoning it’s riders to come in and feel the fear. That history can be preserved with a unique VR experience now on Indiegogo called The Dark Ride Project.

Here’s the project in the words of digital artist and the head of the team, Joel Zika:

“My name is Joel Zika, together with Alex Murray (videographer) and Kate Moon (motion graphics) we are the Dark Ride team. I’ve been studying ghost train and haunted house rides across the globe for over a decade. I started to notice rides were being demolished and going out of business every year and something needed to be done! I developed a camera system that would allow me to shoot 360 video footage from inside a dark ride and earlier this year I began using it. So far I’ve captured historic rides in Alabama, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and Melbourne, Australia all of which are 50 or more years old. I need your help to keep going!”

The crowdfunding campaign aims to support the project of capturing these rides in VR, that way anyone can enjoy them anywhere. The Dark Ride Project promises a 360 degree view of these rides that will soon disappear, due to age and lack of financial backing for maintenance. Joel Zika and his team want to preserve a history that is indelible to horror in America.


The perks for donating and being a part of their campaign range from a Custom Dark Ride Project Google cardboard for your own VR viewing to subscriptions to the Dark Ride Project content (and VR media in the form of ghost rides they have captured) to the team renting a mobile VR theater for you and your friends to enjoy the experience together in VR.

They’ve got 30 more days on their campaign – become a part of their campaign today and help preserve America’s rich history of horror and you can get some sweet VR perks, too.

Check out their campaign HERE, follow their Facebok page HERE, and keep the fear alive!

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