Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Dead Day Revolution Wakes The Music Video Short Film With Vampire Blues

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In 1982 worldwide sensational musical artist Michael Jackson and iconic horror director John Landis teamed up to bring a frightening short film and music video combination called Thriller. Decades later, the short film is still considered one of the best to ever exist and paved a way in the music video industry. As times changed, music videos adapted to shorter formats and less story. With a few gems here and there, for the most part the short film narrative and music video combination has been buried with the zombies from Thriller.

At last, today we bring you a very special treat awaken from the dead. No not zombies this time, but vampires. Los Angeles trio, Dead Day Revolution, have launched a new music video for their latest single, Vampire Blues. The rock and roll band has teamed up with veteran sci-fi and action director Dean Gold to bring the world this sexy, fun, and frightening music video short film. Be warned, although no nudity, this music video is absolutely Not Safe For Work, unless your work does not mind grind house type sexuality.

Dead Day Revolution has an incredibly unique sound that fits there world of grind house horror in a way you would not expect. Clearly taking inspiration from the likes of Bowie, Depeche Mode, with a little bit of rock and roll soul mixed in, this is a band to look out for. When it comes to the world of drive in movie theaters and over sexualized vampires, their music adds a perfect backdrop to the fun and provocative creatures of the night video.

The story for this short film by Dean Gold and Dead Day Revolution centers around a drive in movie theater where a guy and girl are on a date. The guy is broke due to previous relationships and the girl is fed up with him. It is the middle of the night and separated the couple experiences a night neither one of them will forget as long as they live. The short film stars Adam Joseph Daniels and Erika Appelgren as the couple in trouble and the sultry seductive Reka Rene as the vampire queen.


Dead Day Revolution‘s debut album On Our Own is out on April 5 of this year and it certainly will feature Vampire Blues. Check out the video for Vampire Blues below and for more information on the band or Dean Gold please check out the important links. What is your favorite horror based short film music video?

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