Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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“Night Of The Living Data” Urges To Put Your Phone Down



No doubt we have all been stuck swiping on our phones at one point or another. The smarter our phones get, the more we stare into that black mirror, taking ourselves farther away from reality. Writer and director Isabel Custer has created a horror-comedy short film that depicts what could happen if we open the wrong email on our phones in Night of the Living Data.

Isabel’s seven minute short follows Darius, played by Nick Puga, who opens an email containing a virus that turns people into zombies. The only cure for said virus is surrounding yourself with living plants. He “unknowingly” sends this email to all of his contacts, which inevitably takes his wife, played by Amy Phillips. The short film also stars Tyler Messner and Arianne Martin, with make up by Rachael Jenkins.


Isabel, who currently resides in Santiago, Chile, flew to Los Angeles to shoot the short film with hopes that an English speaking film would open her up to a wider market. With the amount of dialogue she has written, it would make sense to make that move. While horror is a worldwide phenomenon, the English speaking market is still king. There are several international short films which don’t use dialogue and still get their point across, but if the characters are to speak, using English will open them up to a much larger audience. Why is this? Surprisingly, it’s not because America speaks English, rather that most of the world speaks English as well. With approximately 21 Spanish speaking countries versus the one hundred or so that speak English, it makes more sense to write for the English speaking majority. Keep in mind, these countries don’t all speak English as a main language, however a large portion of the populations do.

What is important here is that Isabel went beyond her means to create a short film that she can share with not only her home country, but the whole world. Night Of The Living Data is currently available for free on Vimeo, which is posted below.

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