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“Paraphrenia” Is The Anticipated Psychological Thriller From Incubo Films




Paraphrenia is loosely defined as “an organized system of paranoid delusions with or without hallucinations.” This is what the protagonist Judy has in Filip Chalatsis’ new english speaking German horror film Paraphrenia.

Paraphrenia stars Kristina Kostiv, Filip Chalatsis, Ulrich Günther and Sofia Filonos as Judy.

Judy is a mental patient, who suffers from the Fregoli Delusion, a rare case in which a person cannot identify faces, not being able to tell what is real and what isn’t.

After waking up inside a green van in the middle of a field, Judy manages to get back home. With her cell phone being broken, she grabs her laptop to seek help. The first thing she sees is an e-mail from her best friend Mark, with a file attachment, a video file. She
opens the video and witnesses Mark committing suicide in front of the camera.

The series of shock events force Judy to meet an old girlfriend, Jessica, who also knew Mark. Jessica had a similar experience 6 months ago, with one of her friends committing suicide and also recording it on video. The two girls realize that this cannot be a coincidence. The whole thing brings them very close together, even close to an erotic relationship, which makes Judy even more confused.

Under the guidance of her psychologist, Judy is trying to remember, she tries to connect the dots between her abusing father, her dead mother, Mark, Jessica and the true nature of her psychologist. The truth is far more absurd and gruesome compared to her delusions…

The term paraphrenia was originally coined in the 19th century by German psychiatrists as a nonspecific term for madness. It has since then been used to describe a schizophrenic like disorder. Greek born Chalatsis believes in making films that dig deep into the tabbooed mental illnesses shunned by society.

Psychology has always been a major influence to him which is prevalent in his writing. In 1995 Chalatsis wrote a short story called Delirium, about a girl returning back home from work late at night while she fears a stalker is following her. Under the pressure of fear, she experiences once again the day her mother died which happens to be the exact same day she got her first period. The stalker eventually attacked her and killed her. Three days later, a young couple, who just had their first kiss, discover the body. The case proved to be suicide. Written at only 15 years of age, this fascination with psychology has stayed with Filip to this day. He now makes films under his company Incubo Films.

It truly is a breath of fresh air seeing a dark psychological horror film coming out again. These kind of films tend to find their way deep into our brains and scare us at the bone. There is no info as far as a release date for Paraphrenia, but we will keep you informed as much as we can. In the meantime, enjoy this teaser trailer and screenshots, and be sure to follow Paraphrenia on social media.

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