Ask Agony Aunt Hamish Will Answer Your Questions

Ask Agony Aunt Hamish Will Answer Your Questions

Here at We Are Indie Horror, the website is constantly changing and adapting. Today we are excited to bring you a column from Featured FearMaker and good friend Hamish Downie

Agony Aunt Hamish will be a column similar to Ask Abbey. You submit your questions about filmmaking or horror in general and he will answer them for you 100% truthfully. What follows is the introduction Hamish wanted to make to the community. Please send your questions to with Agony Aunt Hamish in the title. Be sure to start your question with Dear Hamish.

Greetings from Japan WAIH community!WAIH and myself (Hamish Downie of Visceral Psyche Films) are joining forces to provide the indie horror community a kind of agony aunt column.

You might know me from producing and co-writing the Silent Hill fan film featured here, or for Pieces of 8 which I helped out on and edited the behind the scenes series. I’ve also directed some music videos, and wrote and produced the multi award-winning WWII short film An American Piano which was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival – KIDS 2015.
So, I’ve done a few things from many different genres. I’ve worked as a set designer, as an assistant director, a music video director, producer… and runner. I’ve done it all (except do a feature – fingers crossed 2016 changes that).
I’ve achieved many of my dreams, and now I’d like to help you achieve yours. If you have any questions about making films, please let us know and we’ll answer them in the next column! If you want me to read your scripts please get in touch with me here ( and I’ll let you know my rates and availability.
I look forward to answering your questions!

Cheers from Japan!

If for some unknown reason you have not seen the Pieces Of 8 we have attached the video below. Also We Are Indie Horror has seen his beautiful artistic and emotionally gut-wrenching short An American Piano. The cinematography is gorgeous and the story is a tale of love and war but not in the way you are thinking. Anyone with a passion will feel with this film. Phenomenally acted and fluid storytelling bring this tear-inducing story to life. Hamish will be a grand help if you have any questions.