Where Is Madison?

Back in mid May our friends at Seraph Films launched a video, or pretty much a vlog, featuring a long-time fan of theirs named Chloe whose sister had apparently been kidnapped. Gene Blalock at Seraph has mentioned that in an effort to raise awareness about what Chloe is going through, he offered Seraph’s YouTube page as a launchpad for Chloe’s videos. A text message with a link to a bizarre YouTub...[Read More]

“Walking Dead’s” Emma Bell is Scratching Her Way To The Top With Her Directorial Debut.

We’ve often spoken about the transcendental shift from one side of the camera to another. It’s always great to see what an actor can do when they finally spread their wings and attempt directing. Although much desired, directing is hard work, and not for everyone. There are few, however, who manage to not only make the change, but excel at it. This time we’re hoping to say the latter for Walking D...[Read More]

HOMEMADE HORRORS – Ambient Lighting

Homemade Horrors Every movie set, home haunt, and Halloween party needs to have the right feel to it. Strobe lights and “Monster Mash” may be fine for the kids, but what happens when you want to go for creepy, disturbing, or down right terrifying? That’s when you need to think about lighting and sound. I know. That means electrical things and electronic things, which means it’s scary or expensive,...[Read More]

Anthony Stabley’s “Everlasting” Will Have Premiere In London

A few weeks back, We Are Indie Horror featured a talented Fear Maker who is a USA transplant from La Paz, Boliva. Anthony Stabley has receiving a lot of buzz and positivity towards his latest venture in horror/thriller cinema, Everlasting. Good news has risen from the Stabley and Everlasting camp; they have been accepted as an official selection into the Crystal Palace International Film Festival ...[Read More]

El Cid’s Horror Movie Night Needs Your Film

The historic El Cid located at 4212 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029 will once again be host to Seraph Films and WAIH as we screen Los Angeles’ scariest horror shorts just in time for Halloween. The El Cid is one of Los Angeles most historic locations, dating back to 1915, when D.W. Griffith used the corn fields where the El Cid now stands to film scenes from the infamous Birth of a Nation. Sinc...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “Night Of The Evil Dead” – Michael Prosper and Bernice Watson

Welcome to We Are Indie Horror’s Blood Bank where every drop counts. Due to overwhelming enthusiasm from our Fear Makers and their projects, we have decided that it is best for the Community if we do a separate feature on projects that need help. Sometimes they will match the featured Fear Maker for the week, sometimes they won’t. In the Blood Bank, we showcase a project in need of funding and sup...[Read More]

“Expecting” Jacki Perez speaks about Filmmaking on

Jackie Perez, a We Are Indie Horror community member, released her first article on She talks about what it takes to be a filmmaker on an independent set, how it is to be a leader on your set, as well as what it took to move to Los Angeles.  Check it out here and learn something about your fellow community member. Also follow her on social medias to catch up with her newest short “...[Read More]