Teaser Trailer for “The Mother of Beauty”

Horror has never been a black and white genre… well I guess when film first became a medium it was but I am talking metaphorically. In terms of what constitutes a horror film, there is no clear definition of the genre allowing for mixtures with true success. We all know the horror comedy and of course the horror thriller. But the one combination, which is not new to the world, is often overlooked ...[Read More]

“The Belko Experiment” Red Band Trailer

2017 is off to a wonderful start for all things horror. Yes, Rings may have failed miserably causing a ripple effect of disappointment, such as the cancellation of the new Friday the 13th film. But we have had incredible success with the two original horror films that have hit theaters thus far. M. Night‘s Split and Jordan Peele’s Get Out have proven that we as an audience want original, meaningfu...[Read More]

Award Winning ‘Savageland’ Releases New Clip. Available Everywhere 2/24

Terror Films will be releasing the award-winning feature film Savageland this coming Friday. The film is a documentary-style telling of a brutal string of murders in a small town. Savageland tackles the very topical subject matter of illegal immigration, wrapped around the mysterious mass murder and disappearance of the entire population of fifty-seven people. The disappearances took place in the ...[Read More]

New Stills and Clip For “The Ice Cream Truck”

As we grow here at We Are IndieHorror, it is always wonderful to see our Featured FearMaker’s success grow as well. Coming from FearMaker Megan Freels Johnston is a new film that plays on a fear we didn’t know we had, The Ice Cream Truck. Today we have some more information on the film, along with a new clip. Home Entertainment and Theatrical Film Distributor Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired wo...[Read More]

Watch ‘The Deal’ Valentine’s Day Short Now!

Happy Valentine’s Day from We Are Indie Horror. To those of you who are single, happy Tuesday! While today is a day of the celebration of love and admiration, we thought the best way to celebrate would be to share a brand new short film from Jennifer Nangle,, Safety Meeting Productions, and Brian Sapir The Deal The short stars Jennifer Nangle (who also wrote, produced, and edited) and...[Read More]

Three Witches, One Necronomicon Spell Trouble in New Indie Horror ‘Reel Nightmare,’ out Now

Three beautiful, vengeful witches are summoned back to life after a skeptic young woman reads from their Necronomicon in the new horror feature film ReelNightmare, available worldwide now via Amazon, Amazon Prime, Vimeo On Demand; and BluRay. The new Trailer and all links to stream, rent or buy Reel Nightmare are now available at: Also known as Reel Nightmare: Book of ...[Read More]

Review: “Among The Shadows” From Seraph Films Eyes The Macabre

Ariel has just landed the Vice Presidency of her company. She is a hard working business woman with a plan until she is visited by a shadow-like figure from her childhood nightmares. Now, she must fight for her life or remain in the darkness forever. Ariel (Raquel Houghton) begins to unravel the mysteries of the shadow man with a little help from her BFF (Samantha Rund) and a creepy occult booksto...[Read More]

Scary Endings Just Released Their Most Chilling Episode Yet. Oh, And Don’t Forget A Towel

Given that we’ve gone two whole days this ear without any majorly influential people passing away, it’s safe to say that 2017 is off to a better start than 2016. To add to the great start of 2017, Scary Endings just released their newest episode, and it is their most intensely chilling to date. The Water Rises is a fitting title to the new Scary Endings. It stars Empire’s Kaitlin Doubledayand Scar...[Read More]

Goriest and Strangest Trailer of the Year Goes to “KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE”

The Japanese have a knack for filmmaking, especially within the horror genre. Be it ghost films a la Ringu or ridiculous splatterfests such as Tokyo Gore Police, they always seem to scare and disgust in ways not thought imaginable. From the creator of the latter Tokyo Gore Police comes a sequel in which it doesn’t seem the original matters too much. Kodoku: Meatball Machine presents an insane and ...[Read More]

Scary Endings Gets In The Holiday Spirit With “Santa Claus Is A Vampire”

The monthly YouTube series Scary Endings is back for season 2 and their second episode falls just around the time of all the holidays. The latest Scary Endings episode is titled “Santa Claus is a Vampire” and before even watching the film, it is a valid question to ask. He sees you when you are sleeping and knows when you are awake. He only comes out at night and has a tedious plan that only allow...[Read More]

Review: ‘Puppet’ Short Is Ambitious and Compelling

From PROco PROduction coMPANY, Puppet is the third short film from directing duo DaG (Joseph R. Davis & Brian Gerson). In their latest exploration of the horror genre, with a script by Jeffery Potts, they tackle the ever popular zombie sub-genre. It goes without saying that the genre suffers from over-saturation and seems to be the go-to fixation of indie filmmakers. However, as tenacious film...[Read More]

‘One Night of Fear’ Now Out on Amazon Prime

The enigmatic Ocala National Forest in Central Florida is the inspiration for the Brian Troxell directed (co-written with Johnna Troxell), One Night of Fear. Ocala, as it goes, has seen its fair share of disappearances among unfortunate hikers and campers who seek nothing but adventure and enjoyment of the great outdoors. In One Night of Fear, a group of friends, out for a hike, are met by a vicio...[Read More]