The age old Battle: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael

Let’s get our conversation off to a good start. In the age old battle who would win in a fight between Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael? Here are a few traits of each including death counts. Discuss:

Freddy Kruger –
Location: Elm Street
Usual Attire: Ugly Red and Green Sweater
Weapon of choice: Homemade razor claws via your dreams
Total Kill Count: 33

Jason Vorhees
Location: Usually Camp Crystal Lake
Usual Attire: White or White Bloodied Hockey Mask
Weapon of choice: Machete
Total Kill Count: 151

Michael Meyers
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween Night
Usual Attire: Blue Jumpsuit and white altered William Shatner mask
Weapon of choice: Butcher Knife
Total Kill Count: 74

Hell if you want, add in some Leatherface and Pinhead. Now Battle!

Sorry if anyone is disappointed, but Freddy will always win in my book! His personality comes through so much more than any of the others. Plus, NEW NIGHTMARE is a genuinely scary sequel, and I’m not sure any of the others were scary after their first time out!

Ah Thom. As much as I freakin love Freddy especially since he is the reason I am here today talking to you, Michael is my all time favorite killer. In a battle though Pinhead rules all. I mean hell in his last book, he killed Lucifer! Pinhead has complete control over all things hell. He would win in a battle but between the classic 3, thats a tough one but I have to go with Michael.

I mean,if they are asleep,Freddy would win lol.I mean that’s a no brainer. But if it is a triple threat kind of fight, I believe Jason would win all the way but it is a tough decision Neil.

Well said, guys. Personally, I think the lack of personality (in comparison) that Michael and Jason show is part of what makes their characters hold up over time. It’s that whole unknown terror that’s made even more terrifying by its lack of humanity and unknown motivations. That being said, I’d kill to see Pinhead vs. Freddy! With the three big guys . . . I have to say I’d want to see Jason win.