“Black Mirror” Returns Courtesy of Netflix

Back in 2011 the BBC produced an anthology series in which it takes place in the near future and has an undertone of problems with modern society called Black Mirror. The show itself is absolutely brilliant and incredibly terrifying. Not in gorey, bloody, kind of way. More in a Twilight Zone sort of way. Its scary because it is true. You see parts of yourself that you never understood.

Getting away from the existentialism idea behind this show; Netflix has struck a deal with show runner Charlie Brooker to continue producing episodes of Black Mirror. The initial run was two seasons with three episodes a piece. There was one more episode produced last Christmas as a special one time event. If you have not checked out this anthology series, this a must watch for you. It is on Netflix, so do whatever you need to ensuring you see this series.

According to a report at the Radio Times, Broker is currently working on the newest season per Netflix’s order and is working on scripts at this very moment.

If this statement is true, Netflix made a great choice and will be certainly the streaming service to watch come 2016.