CONTEST: iHorror “Bye, Felicia” Short Horror Film Contest

CONTEST: iHorror “Bye, Felicia” Short Horror Film Contest

We Are Indie Horror has received word of another short film contest, this time it is ran by the horror news site,

iHorror reaches over 3 million horror fans a week through their social media and their website, so this is a great opportunity to get your work shown.

All the chosen films will be part of their upcoming horror anthology titled “Bye, Felicia” . If you go
through the terms and conditions you will see that during the first year the filmmaker will receive a percentage of all sales. It will be distributed through most streaming services and eventually Netflix.

Now for the rules.

– Films must have a run time minimum of 5 minutes and maximum 20 minutes

– There must a character named Felicia and before the fade to black at the end, each film must close with a character saying “Bye, Felicia.”

The rest is up to your crazy creative minds, you can make it gorey, psychological, have clowns, are even make it a dark comedy.


The deadline is November 15 at midnight. Any questions e-mail iHorror at

For more information check out the official entry page