“Rainy Season” Needs Our Help

Stephen King has always been adored by horror fans for his dark tales of dread and freight. King‘s stories also have a phenomenal track record with being adapted to the screen. Classics such as IT, Misery, and Carrie have scared on the silver screen for decades inspiring young artists of today. Writer and executive producer Vanessa Ionta Wright is one of the young artists inspired by the master’s work and she is currently in the final days of a campaign to help bring this film to life.

Rainy Season will be a short film which tells the tale of:

a young couple who travel to the town of Willow, Maine. After repeated warnings from town locals to leave, they stay and learn the horrific price the town must pay for prosperity. Every seven years, the rainy season descends upon Willow in a downpour of vicious, man-eating toads. The newest inhabitans of town are then sacrificed and suffer the deadly consequences of their choice not to heed the warnings. 

Grant McGowen will be taking the directing reigns for Rainy Season. He is an actor and director who is part of the Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theater Company in Atlanta, GA. Behind the camera will be cinematographer Mark Simon who has a wide range of credits which include camera assistant on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and cinematographer on a few short films. Needless to say his ability and set knowledge is prevalent in such a career. Rainy Season will star Tyner RushingBrian Ashton SmithAlpha Trivet, and Amber Germain.

Set to shoot in Spring of 2016 in Senoia, Georgia the cast and crew are ready to bring King’s frightening tale to life. Their crowd fund ends on March 3rd and they still need help to reach their goal. The perks include a dvd of the film when it’s released, along with an opportunity for an autographed poster, and multiple different credits to be had. They are featuring the producer credit to be had which is only $250. Anything raised above their proposed goal will go to the charity of The International Child Art Foundation (www.icaf.org)

Stephen King adaptations are always a great way for filmmakers to stretch and challenge their horror skills. Rainy Season will be no different in allowing this team of artists to bring forth this tale of terror. Help make this film reality today by following all the links below. If you cannot donate, please share. The more people that see these type of campaigns the better.

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