“The Canadoo” To Change Reality TV For The Better

Reality TV has been such a trend in TV over the past 20 years, that most people are sick of it. Reality TV spanned many genres from game show, to documentary, to soap opera drama, but we never got a horror one. That is until now. Dustin Lebleu and SGL Entertainment will be bringing The Canadoo to life. Now is no better than time, especially with the resurgence of horror in TV.

The Canadoo is a survival based reality TV series. Not much is known about this upcoming series but it sounds like there will be 5 contestants on a survival journey through their own personal horror adventure. Auditions have just wrapped and they are sorting through the cast now.

The press release is as follows:

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that Insane Filmz have just Inked a deal with Dark Star Records to feature the song “FIST” from the Female Fronted Metal Band Grigori 3, in the Up Coming “Reality Horror” TV Series “The Canadoo”.
THE CANADOO is a New Survival TV series Produced by Dustin Lebleu. The new TV Series will be released Worldwide through SGL Entertainment in 2016.
GRIGORI 3 is a Band that has had quite a history, they have been featured in magazines, in movies and have performed with bands such as HANZEL & GRETYL, BILE, GENITORTURERS, DOPE, PITBULL DAY CARE ,SLICK IDIOT, DRYKILL LOGIC, and MUSHROOMHEAD.

Be sure to sign up at www.TheCanadoo.com for all up to date information.

Are you going to check this out? We are intrigued.