CONTEST UPDATE: Madison has graced us with 2 FREE Tickets for the game when it opens later this month. Find out how to enter at the bottom of this article! When horror fans think about Fear Makers their minds will generally travel towards Film, when in reality the Horror genre is beyond just the silver tape. Here at We Are Indie Horror we strive to connect ALL horror artists across the entire worl...[Read More]

CONTEST: Free Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse Tickets

It is no secret, that We Are Indie Horror are fans and friends with The Ghoulmaster himself, who will be launching a black box theater experience like no other for the Halloween season. Today Ghoulmaster has given WAIH two FREE tickets to either the Saturday September 26 or the Sunday September 27 show of Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse it is your choice. We Are Indie Horror is running a contest f...[Read More]

After Dark Films Wants YOU As The Next Scream Queen

Every time After Dark Films releases the 8 Films to Die For Horrorfest, they put their feelers out for the next great Scream Queen. 2015 proves to be no different. After Dark Films is seeking the next great Scream Queen. Here are the details straight from their press release: After Dark Films will be crowning their next queen of horror, now known as “A Scream Queen to Die For.” This lucky woman, o...[Read More]

CONTEST: 15 Second Horror Challenge

We Are Indie Horror has been given word about the 15 second horror challenge. The concept is simple, create a 15 second horror film and submit it online to be judged by celebrity judges. Contestants can submit as many nightmares as they can dream. The quality does not need to be anything professional, they are just looking for scary. Shoot it on your iPhone if you don’t have a nice camera. Edit wi...[Read More]

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