CONTEST: 15 Second Horror Challenge

CONTEST: 15 Second Horror Challenge

We Are Indie Horror has been given word about the 15 second horror challenge. The concept is simple, create a 15 second horror film and submit it online to be judged by celebrity judges. Contestants can submit as many nightmares as they can dream.

The quality does not need to be anything professional, they are just looking for scary. Shoot it on your iPhone if you don’t have a nice camera. Edit with iMovie if you are not a professional editor. Just make it terrifying in 15 seconds.

yocyspah1fx0joxgdggmThe celebrity guest judges are some horror legends: Lloyd Kaufman (founder of Troma), Felissa Rose (Angela in Sleepaway Camp), Nicholas Vince (Chatterer in Hellraiser), Barbie Wilde (Female Cenobite in Hellraiser II), Tristan Risk (Beatress in American Mary), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Mania), Uwe Boll (director of House of the Dead), Lee Demarbre (director of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter), and Steve McGinnis (a graphic art illustrator). The judges will be deciding the top three winners, whereas ‘The Audience Award’ will be determined by horror fans from across social media platforms. Winners receive a surprise horror themed gift

Per their website, they said you retain all rights to your film but allow them permission to upload to their official YouTube channel and their website. You can submit your works through the official website or on Film Freeway. The deadline is October 21st, 2015. The film must be 15 seconds flat. Upon submission, include the title to your entry and the (extra) short film’s full credits in the description, or send a separate text file. The premiere is on this coming Halloween!

Stay up to date on all things 15 second horror by checking out their  Facebook page.  The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is executively produced by the Canadian-based writer, director, and producer, Andrew J.D. Robinson of WORKOBEY FILMS

So join in today! Let We Are Indie Horror know if you submitted one and we will show the community. Share your work.