Save Lost Souls And Experience The Bayou At Red Lantern Escape Games

Being one of the over four million people living in the Los Angeles Area, being told that traveling out of the city for something damn well better be worth it. We’ve been told this many times, and we have seen enough of both amazing experiences and ones which leave us desperately wanting our stolen time back. So when we were invited to experience a new escape game in Brea, CA (about 30 miles east ...[Read More]

Hex Media Annoucnes ‘For We Are Many’ Anthology, Needs New Filmmakers

From the director of the highly stylized and mega awesome Unkindness of Ravens comes a new ambitious new project. A Horror film anthology inspired by demonology and the occult will take experienced filmmakers and some new up and comers through a dark and twisted road culminating an intense feature film. For We Are Many will feature a large selection of short films based on the occult and will focu...[Read More]

Join The Jester While The Queen’s Away At The Fool’s Festival This April.

If you happen to live in the Southern California area between Los Angeles and San Diego, then you just might be lucky enough to celebrate Halloween for all twelve months out of the year. In March alone, we’ve already had Reign of Terror Haunted House open their doors to 95 rooms of sheer terror, and just last weel Halloween Club held their annual Spookshow. In just a couple weeks, terror will reig...[Read More]

‘Tortured Souls’ at ZJU Will Take You Into The Abyss Of Pain and Suffering

We here at We Are Indie Horror love the local theater and haunt community in the Los Angeles Area. One of our favorite places to frequent is Zombie Joe’s Underground, whose dark and twisted immersive show play year round to plenty of fans looking for a good scare between Halloween seasons. Their latest show, Tortured Souls, is currently playing two shows nightly on Friday and Saturday nights throu...[Read More]

‘DemonEyes Yourself’ With The New App For ‘Incarnate’

The latest film from BH Tilt, Incarante is set to release on December 2nd. To celebrate the release, they have released a desktop app which allows you to posses yourself! This is real, and pretty fun too. The new app, DemonEyes Yourself, lets you find out what evil lurks within, then tweak the controls to go from mildly weird, to full on possessed and in immediate need of an exorcist. Go to[Read More]

Where Is Madison?

Back in mid May our friends at Seraph Films launched a video, or pretty much a vlog, featuring a long-time fan of theirs named Chloe whose sister had apparently been kidnapped. Gene Blalock at Seraph has mentioned that in an effort to raise awareness about what Chloe is going through, he offered Seraph’s YouTube page as a launchpad for Chloe’s videos. A text message with a link to a bizarre YouTub...[Read More]

ScareLA Announces First Ever Original Interactive Haunt “Blood Offering”

The original Halloween Convention is returning to Los Angeles August 6-7, and is looking to be bigger than ever! ScareLA has been announcing several unique and exclusive experiences has now announced perhaps the biggest news of all; they will be opening their first ever original interactive haunt. Your path to salvation or sacrifice will depend on what choices you make inside the cold dark chamber...[Read More]

Plot Thickens For “The Tension Experience”

Those who follow We Are Indie Horror have heard us speak about and share updates on the latest in interactive horror theater (at least I think it is such) – The Tension Experience. For those who have not caught up you can check out part one and part two by clicking the appropriate links. Yesterday, May 29, 2016, saw the fourth live event from The Tension Experience and I am left buzzing after almo...[Read More]

Friday The 13th Screening in Los Angeles For May 13

Sound the alarms and grab your hockey masks, May will see the next Friday the 13th, which inevitably means there will be screenings of the famed Jason Voorhees films, not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, it’s kind of the best part about Friday the 13th, next to the cheap tattoos. Midnight Movie Masacre, or M3, specializes in midnight screenings of your favorite horror films along wi...[Read More]

Shudder Labs Extends Deadline And Announces Masters-In-Residence

If you happen to be a big enough horror fan to follow websites like ours, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Shudder, the horror exclusive streaming service recently backed by AMC. They’ve been working hard to get more innovative and original horror on their streaming service, as well as help indie horror filmmakers grow through Shudder Labs. Shudder Labs is a week-long workshop retreat for ten...[Read More]

Review: 100 Lucky Fans Can Own “Hank Boyd Is Dead” On DVD

Brooklyn based writer and director Sean Melia (short films You Don’t Know Me and The Administrator) purportedly made his debut feature film in just eight days on a very minuscule budget. Hank Boyd is Dead may have been crafted under the auspices of a micro-budget– using Broadway actors, and resources readily at hand to the director– but the production value here is incredible. Looking nothing like...[Read More]

We Escaped The Basement Escape Game, And The Study Game In Los Angeles.

Here at We Are Indie Horror, we believe that horror isn’t just for the screen. Immersive horror has been gaining a lot of steam in the past decade, with a rise in haunts around the country, with each one getting more extreme than the one before. Full immersion is something man y true horror fans have been waiting for, but if walking through  hallways filled with jump scares isn’t enough for you, t...[Read More]