Friday The 13th Screening in Los Angeles For May 13

Friday The 13th Screening in Los Angeles For May 13

Sound the alarms and grab your hockey masks, May will see the next Friday the 13th, which inevitably means there will be screenings of the famed Jason Voorhees films, not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, it’s kind of the best part about Friday the 13th, next to the cheap tattoos.

Midnight Movie Masacre, or M3, specializes in midnight screenings of your favorite horror films along with pre-parties and more, turning a film screening into a full blown event. Midnight screenings are perhaps the best way to watch films, surrounded by fans and cinephiles all crammed into a theater, cheering on their heroes and sometimes even the villains.

May 13, M3 will be presenting Friday the 13th (1980) in all its big screen glory. Watch Jason’s mom teach these kids of Camp Crystal Lake a lesson in Westwood at the Crest Theater, 1262 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024. The time indicate 11:00 PM, so you can make sure the films tarts on Friday the 13th, not the lesser Saturday the 14th.

Tickets start at $16 for general admission, and $25 for reserved seating on the comfy leather couches, complete with a commemorative poster. Tickets will also be available at the door for $20. Be smart and purchase your tickets early and save some dough by clicking HERE. The screening will include food trucks, a DJ, and some special guests for the 11:00 PM pre show. Remember, this is happening in Los Angeles, and a lot of the cast and crew are local, so you never know just who will be in attendance.

If food trucks and special guests isn’t enough for you, just imagine hundreds of die hard Voorhees fans all collected in one space to celebrate their favorite franchise. Horror fans are among the most loyal and outspoken, and we expect this screening to come alive with the help of the fans. After all, in a world of on demand and DVD’s, it’s not too often we get to watch our favorite films on the big screen surrounded by like minded fans. If you need us, we’ll be at the Crest.