Review: ‘Mayhem’ is a Violent and Fun Horror-Action-Comedy Flick

Joe Lynch’s Mayhem is the type of film that defies categorization, a chameleon-like endeavor that morphs at every turn. At times it all feels vaguely familiar and something from the horror genre; then we’re watching a satire on violence and the workplace; while at other moments we’re witnessing a straight-up action flick. Whatever Mayhem may be, one thing is for sure: there is never a dull moment....[Read More]

Review: ‘The Dark Military’ is Tense, Raw, and Unrelenting

Loren W. Lepre’s feature film debut The Dark Military touches on a culture obsessed by violence as a form of spectacle for the world to devour. A busload of unsuspecting individuals are transported to an undisclosed location and it is becomes clear to us, very quickly, that they’re merely fodder for “The Dark Military,” an Anonymous-esque, but physically belligerent, organization bent on wreaking ...[Read More]

Screamfest: ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ Takes Home 5 Awards Including Best Picture at Closing Night Ceremony

Screamfest 2017, which ran from October 10 to 19 at the TCL Chinese Theaters, is now over. Apart from announcing winners at the festival’s Closing Night Ceremony the film festival honored the late horror director George A. Romero with a triple-feature that included Night of the Living Dead (free screening), Day of the Dead, and Creepshow. The 17th annual film festival has introduced many up and co...[Read More]

Screamfest Review: ‘1922’ A Stunning Take on Stephen King Novella

By: J. Carlos Menjivar Considering the recent success of It and the TV adaptation of The Mist, Stephen King is currently going through a boom (also look at Gerald’s Game and The Dark Tower) as the cultural zeitgeist is bent on reintroducing his work to a newer generation. This will hopefully lead back to a desire of discovering classic King adaptations and the plethora of King stories out there. F...[Read More]

Review: ‘Never Hike Alone:’ The Friday the 13th Film You Didn’t Know You Needed

Never Hike Alone is a Friday the 13th fan film about an adventure blogger; Kyle McLeod, played by Drew Leighty, who ventures into the woods alone and stumbles upon the infamous and abandoned Camp Crystal Lake. Being that Kyle is an adventure blogger, it allows the film to use found footage shots organically that add authenticity and allows for character development of the lead. The film premiered ...[Read More]

Review: ‘Red Christmas’ Provides Important Conversation With Gore

Discussions on the moral implications of abortion continue to be a hot water issue in the public and political sphere. Red Christmas, under the guise of Christmas cheer, attempts to tackle the volatile subject amid holiday decor and familial gatherings. Dee Wallace stars as Diane, the matriarch of a big and discordant family. Her four children come down to the family home to keep her company for t...[Read More]

Take a Ride in New ‘Buckout Road’ Trailer

Matthew Currie Holmes’ directorial debut Buckout Road is already garnering attention winning its first award at Hot Springs Horror Film Festival for Best Thriller Feature Film. Now, the acclaimed supernatural thriller has dropped its first trailer and We are Indie Horror has it here for you (watch below). The film continues to build momentum with recent nominations for Best Picture and Best Direct...[Read More]

Screamfest Gets Underway With ‘Dead Ant’ World Premiere; Tom Arnold, Selma Blair in Attendance

Screamfest is back! On October 10, 2017 the female run film festival made its return (in its 17th edition) to the heart of Hollywood, California at the TCL Chinese Theater. The World Premiere of Dead Ant, a drug-infused schlocky, B-movie-esque, creature feature that follows the glam rock Sonic Grave bent on making a huge comeback, was met with a positive reaction from those in attendance. The star...[Read More]

Screamfest Review: Canadian Film ‘Trench 11’ Digs into WW1 and Body Horror

A hundred years later, and as we approach the centennial of the Armistice, The Great War remains a jarring and destructive cataclysmic harbinger of the violence that would continue to blemish and plague the twentieth century. Rationality and the destructive and dehumanizing outcome of World War I was supposed to end all future conflict, however, the war introduced efficient means to annihilate hum...[Read More]

Fright Dome in Las Vegas Is A Can’t Miss Experience

Last week we went to Sin City to check out one of most fun haunts we’ve ever been to. On the North end of the Las Vegas Strip is Circus Circus‘s Adventure Dome, which once a year becomes a labyrinth of hauntingly good times, Fright Dome. Las Vegas might seem like a long distance to travel for a haunt, but it is definitely worth it, especially if you stop by The Freakling Bros. to make the trip all...[Read More]

Screamfest Review: ‘Dead Ant’ World Premiere

The giant ants in the science fiction classic Them! (1954) were born out of atomic age anxiety as the images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki remained fresh in the cultural zeitgeist. In 2017’s Dead Ant giant killer ants are not born from the aftermath of geopolitical conflict, but instead from drug fueled debauchery. Glam metal rock band Sonic Grave are about to embark on a wild comeback trip as they he...[Read More]


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