Review: 7 Witches

Brady Hall’s 7 Witches is a dark comedy, located somewhere between The VVitch and Rachel Getting Married. Set during the wedding of Kate’s sister, Rose, at a remote New England resort, it’s a creepily atmospheric movie, shot through awkward familial tensions. Hall makes every scene ache with portents. Images of food preparation are rarely imbued with so much strangeness, and the pairing of the two...[Read More]

Review: ‘The Night Circus’ Short – Enigmatic & Visually Stunning

The nine-minute short film The Night Circus runs without any dialogue, relying instead on a story told entirely through images and mood. It takes incredible patience, foresight, and talent to craft something devoid of spoken word in our sensory reliant culture and The Night Circus is the resulting achievement by director Eskild Krogh The Night Circus begins as enigmatically as it ends (thus warran...[Read More]

Review: ‘The Quiet Hour’ is a Taut Sci-Fi Thriller

Science fiction can be as big and expansive as the newest Guardians of the Galaxy movie or as simple as an episode of the original Twilight Zone. They are contemplative what-ifs set within optimistic futures or bleak destinies approaching our planet Earth. Therefore, one, at least I think so, should appreciate the tenacity and creativity that goes into making a lo-fi science fiction film. In this ...[Read More]

Save Lost Souls And Experience The Bayou At Red Lantern Escape Games

Being one of the over four million people living in the Los Angeles Area, being told that traveling out of the city for something damn well better be worth it. We’ve been told this many times, and we have seen enough of both amazing experiences and ones which leave us desperately wanting our stolen time back. So when we were invited to experience a new escape game in Brea, CA (about 30 miles east ...[Read More]

“The Willows” New Show From The Minds Of CreepLA Don’t F@*ing Miss This Show!

 Deep in the mansion-filled neighborhoods of Los Angeles lies a mysterious manor with a horrible secret. The fine people from Just Fix It Productions who brought to life the cerebral haunt CreepLA the last two years have come back with a brand new show going on right now! Before we go any further, we want to make it clear that we were invited to a dress rehearsal, but couldn’t make it to the actu...[Read More]

Review: “The Forest of Lost Souls” – Unlike Any Horror You’ve Seen

José Pedro Lopes’ The Forest of Lost Souls(also known by its Portuguese title, A Floresta das Almas Perdidas) is a very interesting kind of horror movie. Describing any aspect of it beyond the first fifteen minutes or so would ruin the impact of what’s to come. Suffice it to say, The Forest of Lost Souls is a film quite unlike any other you’re likely to see this year. Shot in gorgeous black and wh...[Read More]


Location: USA Biography: I grew up in a small town near San Luis Obispo Ca. From a very young age, I started writing short stories and making horror movies with my friends (as many kids from the pre-iPhone generation). From day 1 all I have wanted to do was have fun and make something cool. Right out of school I became a touring bass player and radio DJ/producer. In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles. Sh...[Read More]

Review: “A Dark Song” Terrifying Occult Trip

There is something in the air this year, quite a firey stench surrounding the indie horror scene. It seems to be the brimstone rising from the world below. Every week a new film is released that deals with the devil and occultist ideas. Coming out of Ireland is the latest in occultist horror and damn it delivers with a dark and powerful punch. A Dark Song will stand tall in this year’s trend of ho...[Read More]

Review: ‘,’ Timely Film with Twisty Third Act

We’ve seen it before– and we’ve also been warned before– yet none of the bad omens found in horror films, those that are supposed to deter us from the perils of technology, ever actually deter us from anything. Although a Tinder-like app is at the center of, the film posits that it’s not so much the tech, but the people behind the screen that are the true monsters. Something like Tinde...[Read More]

Review: Italian Film’Don’t Be Bad’ is Grimy and Brutal

Friends for life since childhood, Cesare (Luca Marinelli) and Vittorio (Alessandro Borghi) have spent the better part of their primes living hard and fast, conning whoever has something to lose and fighting anyone who dares to get in their way. But after Vittorio has one bad night too many he decides it’s time for a change. It is around this time that he meets Linda, who represents his shot at a c...[Read More]

Review: Stephen King’s ‘Rainy Season’ Short Film

Stephen King’s story, “The Rainy Season,” can be found in his 1993 short story collection, Nightmares and Dreamscapes. It’s not one of King’s better-known stories, but the 2017 short film of the same name, written and directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright, does an excellent job of taking what seemed like a slight variation on Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” and making it something more. Setting the sh...[Read More]


Dee McCullay Filmmaker, Writer, Artist Location: Belgium Biography: I was an 80’s horror kid, always renting up all the horror and cheese horror I could find and making horror movie props and wishing I could get into special makeup fx when I grew up. A love for horror has always been there, as I had always loved it.  By the time I started my first scripted horror short, Fallacious, I was fully pre...[Read More]