Exclusive Interview: James Saito, Producer of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ ‘Bloodmania’

It is safe to say that without Herschell Gordon Lewis, the splatter horror subgenre would probably not have existed in the manner that it has taken shape. That means no Dawn of the Dead, and no Braindead amongst others. Always business minded Lewis saw film as an opportunity to turn a profit. He asked questions in the vain of, What do the people want to see? and What films would make the most mone...[Read More]

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: The Witch Will Go Satanic On Your God Fearing Souls

There has been a lot of buzz over the upcoming feature film The Witch over the past week or so. Not only has this film been on our radar for quite some time, but it has recently been officially endorsed by the Satanic Church. With this even transpiring, we couldn’t help but dive deeper into the film to see what it’s all about. Written and directed by Robert Eggers, The Witch tells the following st...[Read More]

The Newest Scary Endings Hits All The Right Keys

The team behind the increasingly successful YouTube channel Whereistherockhammer have been putting out one horror short film every month under the titles Scary Endings and this past weekend the team led by John Fitzpatrick released yet another short. Obvious spoiler alert but it is just as terrifying as the last one. Thus far, Scary Endings has brought intruders, bone chilling monsters, and one gi...[Read More]

Frankenstein Created Bikers: Why Exploitation Films Need to Make a Splatter back into Horror Cinema

Grind-house exploitation films in horror can be made for cheap! Go to the ninety-nine cent  store, buy an old bedsheets, cut some holes in it, and throw some exposed breasts into the mix. Take out a camera and hit the record button. Bang! You got yourself an exploitation film. I would call it “The Ghostly Nipples.” Not many a horror fan knows this fun fact, but “grind-house” was actually a term th...[Read More]


Every FearMaker has their own story, their own path which brought them to where they are now. Many of the people we feature here are on their very own journey, struggling every day to reach a little bit higher on the totem pole that will inevitably bring them success. This week’s Featured FearMaker is currently on his way up that totem pole. Let us introduce you to Marc Fratto owner, director, and...[Read More]