Horrify Me Releases NSFW Lady Pinhead Images

Conventions and parties that surround the genre are filled with cos-players doing their best to recreate a beloved character from entertainment. Sometimes these cos-plays are amazing others are just for fun. Whenever a great gender bending costume is seen, they are sure to get plenty of attention. And when that gender bending costume is an erotic version of a powerful demon with an incredible hist...[Read More]

FearMaker Dane Millerd To Tell The Story Of Australia’s Worst Female Killer

Former Featured FearMaker Dane Millerd is teaming up with screenwriter Ross Murray to co-produce a film based on the story of Katherine Knight. Noted as the worst female killer in Australia, and possibly the world, Katherine Knight stabbed her husband John Price 37 times before skinned and cooking his body to feed her four children back in 2000. Knight was the first Australian woman to be sentence...[Read More]

REVIEW: ‘The Carnage Collection’ Indie Inspiration Part II

The appropriately named Point & Shoot Films (original moniker LBFilms) have been around for nearly a decade and a half. They’ve kept busy doing exactly what their namesake dictates– point and shooting– crafting all sorts of multimedia projects that includes mock trailers, music videos, and short films. Keeping in tune with their short-format, filmmakers Bob & Derek Ferreira and Kimball Row...[Read More]

Heather Langenkamp Comes “Home” To Horror

Of all the scream queens in the horror world, Heather Langenkamp is one of the most well known and respected. Nancy is an iconic character from an iconic film (Nightmare On Elm Street if for some reason you weren’t aware) that changed the genre. Now she is coming back to our beloved genre to star in the upcoming ghost story Home Written by Jeff Lam and Frank Lin, and directed by Lin, Home also sta...[Read More]

Darren Lynn Bousman Brings His Comic Book To Life With “Abattoir”

It’s no secret that the We Are Indie Horror Team has a strange fascination with the curious works of Darren Lynn Bousman. From the Saw franchise to Repo! and The Devils Carnival, he seems to systematically drift farther away from mainstream horror to work on projects he is truly passionate about. Now he is getting ready to release his newest creation, which also happens to be one of the coolest st...[Read More]


When is someone considered a filmmaker? Is it just a title reserved for writer or directors, or can grips and PA’s be considered filmmakers too? After all, film making is a team sport, and without the support of the entire cast and crew, nothing can get done. This week we are featuring a FearMaker who has several years experience working on TV and film, and is just now getting ready to release his...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: ‘Six Hot Chicks In A Warehouse’

Every once in a while a certain title for a film comes around and you cannot help but be interested. Such is the case for a new Kickstarter which We Are Indie Horror has stumbled upon; Six Hot Chicks In A Warehouse. We know what you are thinking; it sort of sounds like one of those films where half naked girls just run around screaming with terrible camera work and even worst sound effects. Well t...[Read More]

Is It Us, Or Are These Mugs Making Faces?

With our weekly podcast Tea Time of Terror, it’s no surprise that we love tea. The morning tea or coffee mug is an important part of the daily routine. So many minutes are spent lazily gazing at that ceramic beacon holding the energy so desperately needed to start the day. Making Faces Pottery is taking mugs and giving them the ability to stare back in a horrifying new way. Jean Cotton of Rhode Is...[Read More]

Leglesscorpse Films Announces 1st Annual Leglesscorpse Film Festival

Early this morning, Leglesscorps Films announced their first ever Leglesscorpse Film Festival. The two day event will take place in Somerville, Alabama,  and boasts a $500 prize with distribution options. Check out the press release below: LeglessCorpse Films has announced it’s first annual Film Festival. The festival will take place April 23-24 in Someverville, AL at the Somerville Playhouse. All...[Read More]

SXSW: A Guide To Horror Features At South By Southwest 2016

The time of year has come again. The illustrious film and arts festival in Texas has returned. A goal of most indie filmmakers is to get into such a festival and enjoy the eight to ten days in the Texas heat surrounded by like minded artists and incredible crafts including music and a multitude of film screenings. We Are Indie Horror is talking about none other than South By Southwest Film and mus...[Read More]

“The Shutterbug Man” Creeps Out And Unsettles With 4 Minutes

 Back in October we talked about a film festival in Miami which had a slew of shorts attached. One such short caught the attention of We Are Indie Horror and apparently the rest of the world. Chris Walsh’s animated creep-fest The Shutterbug Man has been completed for about a year now and has successfully traveled the world inside the festival circuit gaining positive reviews and praise across the...[Read More]

Feature Review: ‘Hell Fire’ Who Is Worst – Humanity Or Antichrist?

Hell Fire implicitly posits the question, Who’s worse– humanity or the Antichrist? FearMaker Marc Fratto‘s film isn’t one that plays nice in answering that question– and for good reason– seeking to expose the lengths of a violent and turbulent world. One where humanity has seemingly undone itself in a perpetual cycle of violence and decadence. Don’t let this unassuming profundity fool you into bel...[Read More]