“The Shutterbug Man” Creeps Out And Unsettles With 4 Minutes

“The Shutterbug Man” Creeps Out And Unsettles With 4 Minutes

Back in October we talked about a film festival in Miami which had a slew of shorts attached. One such short caught the attention of We Are Indie Horror and apparently the rest of the world. Chris Walsh’s animated creep-fest The Shutterbug Man has been completed for about a year now and has successfully traveled the world inside the festival circuit gaining positive reviews and praise across the board.

The synopsis for the story is as follows:

The Shutterbug Man tells the tale of a very twisted man, whose only passion in life is taking pictures. This passion takes him to terrible and wicked places.

Before continuing please watch the short above, as you should experience it with no pre connotations to the story or style.

The short itself utilizes the rare but always beautiful style of stop motion animation. This original story was created one frame at a time, as it should be, and featured unique one of kind hand-made sets, props, and puppets. The hard work and incredible details shine through the vibrant use of black and white. Overall the short itself is highly stylized and phenomenally gorgeous. An eerie narration guides the audience through the sick mind of a photographer who wants to find the horror and fear in the world. The animation itself allows the viewer to be put into a trance which helps push the unsettling aura of the whole thing. Thematically it felt similar to Edgar Alan Poe meets Tim Burton – which over here at We Are Indie Horror could not be any better.

The short is narrated by the iconic Barbara Steele. You can find her in such classics as Mario Bavo’Black Sunday, the original 1978 version of Piranha, and the 1961 rendition of The Pit And The Pendulum. The short is directed, produced, written, and fully created by the artist, teacher, and filmmaker Chris Walsh

Currently the short is available to view online for free but if you want to support independent art and originality please purchase via the website in the important links below. Now go and watch the short to enjoy a top notch world renowned stop motion animation.