Is It Us, Or Are These Mugs Making Faces?

Is It Us, Or Are These Mugs Making Faces?

With our weekly podcast Tea Time of Terror, it’s no surprise that we love tea. The morning tea or coffee mug is an important part of the daily routine. So many minutes are spent lazily gazing at that ceramic beacon holding the energy so desperately needed to start the day. Making Faces Pottery is taking mugs and giving them the ability to stare back in a horrifying new way.

Jean Cotton of Rhode Island has been making these handmade “aesthetically challenged” for quite a while now, each one being completely hand made. She makes her work out of stoneware, beginning on a pottery wheel, sculpted, then painted using high fire glazes. No molds are used, making each mug one of a kind.

Looking through these pictures, it’s no wonder that they are flying off the shelves. The detailed gore in each mug is reminiscent of the faces made at the sound of the alarm clock in the middle of a good dream. Take away your morning zombie with these zombie mugs.

Jean sells her mug on her Etsy page under the company name of Making Faces Pottery. Each zombie mug is $95.00 plus shipping, and they only ship to the USA and Canada. If, for some reason, you don’t like waking up to a zombie every morning, Making Faces has adorable little mugs that can greet you in a slightly cuddlier way. Those mugs start at $45, which also make them easier on the wallet.

Take a look at more of Jean’s mugs, and follow Making Faces on Facebook.