‘Attacked on Set’ Coming to Bluray, 3/21

Attacked onSet by writer and director Tom Novell Return of the Skin Eaters), is making its way to Blu-ray Spring 2017. The film is described as one that “promises nothing but a hair-raising good time… perfect cult film to watch over and over when you have the need to be squeezed! Laugh at it because it is campy…scream at it because it is scary…it’s meant to purely entertain you.” Attacked on Set r...[Read More]

‘King Kong of Skull Island’ Book Still Needs Your Support

As Kong: Skull Island roars its way to theaters, acclaimed artist and author Joe DeVito has launched a Kickstarter campaign to chronicle the ultimate King Kong mythology with King Kong of Skull Island— an illustrated novel. Conceived with the full support of Kong’s creator Merian C. Cooper, will be a new book that archives the only Cooper-authorized origin story of King Kong, but also of Skull Isl...[Read More]

“The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson” Coming to DVD

In recent years, a small indie distribution company hit the scene and made a huge name for themselves. Wild Eye Releasing. Representing titles like Model Hunger and Tales of PoeWilde Eye has put themselves on the map as a viable fun genre launching firm. Today it brings us pleasure to give you the news on their latest release to join their ranks, The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson The film tells th...[Read More]

March 7th Sees Two Releases in “Capture, Kill, Release” and “”

We Are Indie Horror is getting bombarded with a ton of new releases coming in the next few weeks. This is a wonderful problem to have as the indie scene is continuing to grow and get recognition across the board. Since that is the case, we have decided to combine two news stories about two indie releases hitting the street at the same time. The date to mark on your calendar, March 7th First up, th...[Read More]

Wicked Lit Releases Scripts To Immersive Productions

It is no secret that if you follow We Are Indie Horror, you know we love immersive theater. As the form of entertainment advances, immersive theater experiences have grown; putting the audience directly in the middle of a story and the horror genre has thrived immensely with this new form of entertainment. One company here in Los Angeles redefined immersive theater. Wicked Lit takes classic tales ...[Read More]

‘Dead West’ Now Out on DVD

From RLJ Entertainment and writer and director Jeff Ferrell (Ghostlight) comes Dead West. Dead West is out now (as of February 7) on DVD featuring the tagline, “Revenge Never Dies.” The film stars Jeffrey Arrington (Vicious), Brian Sutherland (Fat Kids Rule the World), Meagan Karimi-Naser (“Job Hunters”), Aurelio Voltaire (ABCs of Death 2), and Michael Joseph Draper (“Grimm”). Dead West is written...[Read More]

‘Wolf House’ Monster Found-Footage Flick Out on DVD Now

A We are Indie Horror favorite, Wild Eye Releasing, has announced the nationwide DVD release of Wolf House, and let me tell you, damn does this look terrifying. Directed by Matt D. Lord, and written by Ken Consentino and Elizabeth Houlihans, Wolf House stars Consentino himself accompanied by the talents of Jessica Bell (not Biel, unfortunately, although I’m sure Bell is just as good) and Marcus Ga...[Read More]

5 Last Minute Holiday Horror Gifts

The holidays are quickly approaching. Even though that horror fan on your list may be anti-cheer and pro-scary things, they still deserve a gift no matter how naughty or nice. And if you are like most of the world and waited until the last minute, you are still trying to figure out what they want. Surely they have every DVD or Blu-Ray you’ve ever bought them. They also have every collectible that ...[Read More]

Rob Zombie’s 31 Arrives On Blu Ray This December

Fans of Rob Zombie rejoice, his latest flick is coming to Blu Ray on December 20 from Lionsgate. 31 has been well received throughout festivals and special screenings around the country. The clown infested film gives a terrifying night in hell leaving a group of poor victims to fight for their lives. From the visionary mind of Rob Zombie comes the horrific story of five carnival workers who are ki...[Read More]

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Zombie Bride from Lime Crime

Halloween is fast approaching. Do you know what you want to be? Well for those ladies still trying to figure out, why not try and be a Zombie Bride? We Are Indie Horror has partnered with Lime Crime to help bring you a quick and easy tutorial on how to do your make-up to scare as an intense zombie bride!meme When it comes to a wonderful Halloween look, the right highly pigmented makeup can make a ...[Read More]

‘Kindergarten’ Book, Nightmares of Children and Fatherhood

The best art comes from a dark area of the mind and is best expressed as a tangible manifestation in the form of art. Whether coping with inner demons or dealing with anxieties and worries, art has a way of expressing what ails us in a way that words just cannot fully encapsulate. “Kindergarten” is a short story and visual illustration book that has now been fully funded and ready to go. The brain...[Read More]

2017 Just Got Sexier With Year Of Fear Male Pin Up Calendar

It’s 2016, which means most of us have completely stopped using paper calendars for at least five years now. They were the perfect excuse to have scantily dressed men and women to ogle while we set our dates, or maybe just cute animals dressed up in themed costumes. Either way, horror photographer Ama Lea has given us all 12 great reasons to bring back the hanging wall calendar with her latest pro...[Read More]