‘King Kong of Skull Island’ Book Still Needs Your Support

As Kong: Skull Island roars its way to theaters, acclaimed artist and author Joe DeVito has launched a Kickstarter campaign to chronicle the ultimate King Kong mythology with King Kong of Skull Island— an illustrated novel. Conceived with the full support of Kong’s creator Merian C. Cooper, will be a new book that archives the only Cooper-authorized origin story of King Kong, but also of Skull Island itself and the various civilizations, creatures and other biological and geological wonders that have evolved over 65 million years following the dinosaur mass extinction.

King Kong of Skull Island will be a hardcover, limited edition book. This long-awaited expansion of DeVito’s ground-breaking Skull Island story is a 95,000 word novel in two parts. Part 1: Exodus, details the origins of the Kongs, the Tagatu civilization and their first arrival on Skull Island. Part 2: The Wall, chronicles the incredible events resulting in the building of the iconic Wall and its colossal doors that span the island’s peninsula.

The novel also contains the 30,000 word Denham Diaries, a retelling of DeVito’s original Kong: King of Skull Island that reveals the fate of Carl Denham in the wake of King Kong’s death, recounts the epic adventure of how Kong become a King, and determines the fate of the Tagatu people. Along the way, many mysteries of Skull Island are uncovered, effectively making the island a character in its own right. Both are co-written by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland.

King Kong of Skull Island will also feature a lush, full-color art gallery, and an extensive, lavishly illustrated sketchbook section of over 25,00 words by DeVito further the foundations of Skull Island itself. Woven throughout are unusual scientific facts and theories to add verisimilitude. Each book comes with a numbered bookplate that is signed by the authors.

In addition to this limited edition book, other pledge levels include illustrated and text-only digital versions of the book, signed portfolios, Kong: King of Skull Island and Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong novelization softcovers, and a limited edition bronze statue.

This is for all those with an irrepressible love of art, King Kong, dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, an assorted variety of monsters, real and speculative science plus fiction, action, adventure, and other knick-knacks of the imagination.

The campaign has already met its goal, but there is still enough time to contribute (by March 30, 2017), at the Kickstarter link provided.