We talk a lot about filmmakers here, but filmmaking is a team sport. From writers to directors to cinematographers to grip and electric to effects to catering, everyone plays an important role in making films happen. When it comes to horror, the effects team becomes an essential piece of the puzzle, bringing the blood and gore to give that real touch to the end trails of the poor victim. Whether zombies are tearing apart people, or a crazed psychopath is systematically deconstructing the human body, or evil vampires show up unexpectedly, the effects team is there to make sure the horrific scenes look as good as they can. This week’s Featured FearMaker is actually a team of effects specialists, working under the company Chronix EFX, they have been building quite the reputation for themselves as the bringers of hardcore gore.

Born from a family affair with horror, Chronix EFX was founded by the father daughter team of Rod and Nikki Vizcaina, and Nikki’s soon-to-be husband Chris Hicks. Life long horror fans, Rod was eleven when he sneaked onto a film set that was shooting by his home, which turned out to be Stephen King’s Christine. He ran home to his father and convinced him to buy the book and was hooked on horror ever since. Some of Rod’s favorite writers and filmmakers include KingClive BarkerH.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Allen Poe. But Rod’s attention turned towards make-up, following some of the greats like Tom Savini and Rick Baker, whose iconic works are enough to inspire anyone.

The beginning for Chronix EFX began as more of a mishap than anything else. Signed on to do the effects and makeup for a short film, Rod and his daughter Nikki were surprised to find out the short had become a feature film. They invited Chris to round out the team and Chronix EFX was born. Taking from everybody’s name (CH from Chris, RO from Rod, and NIX which is a nickname for Nikki), Chronix EFX became a steadily used effects and make up team for those in the indie circuit.

Chronix EFX works out of passion fro what they do. Special effects, after all, can make or break any film. How impactful would An American Werewolf in London had been is not for Rick Bakers award winning werewolf transformation scene? How about if Hellraiser’s Cenobytes did not look as gruesome? From Saw to The Exorcist, special effects and make up can define the outcome of a films success. Having a solid team creating the gory effects is key to having a successful shoot, and visually striking film.

The team at Chronix EFX have been continuously working since their first job, having worked on projects like Safety Meeting Productions’ Drunk Zombies, The Film Brewery’s feature entitled Zero, and David Ghilardi’s Mix. The team is strong and talented, and look like they have a great deal of growth in their future.

Chronix EFX is currently open and looking for their next victims. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking for good and affordable make up and/or effects team, contact them via their Facebook page or website.