COMMUNITY CHECK: 3 Demon Entertainment

William and Melanie Colean from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada are a husband and wife filmmaking team that were one of the original five featured on We Are Indie Horror. Together they run 3 Demon Entertainment which offers film, video, and art design all under one roof. 10924737_932623826782470_1088483970004147183_n

This week’s community check-in comes straight to us from the incredibly busy team of Melanie and William Coleman. To keep busy and pay their bills they have been taking on a ton of commission jobs doing what they love. Lucky enough on a regular basis the Colemans have been creating music videos and artwork for clients.

As much as they love working for someone else and getting paid to do what they love, 3 Demon Entertainment will never give up on their own ideas. In their spare time they keep their skills sharp. The standard of practice in their life is endless amounts of test work on everything from practical and digital effects all the way to honing their acting skills and researching for upcoming projects.

It’s so important for us to always grow as artists and continue learning what we can in this every changing industry.

Melanie Coleman- 3 Demon Entertainment

As for their latest project, unfortunately it is being keep secret. With no details given we were told it is something they are very excited about especially conceptually. 3 Demon Entertainment aims to shoot in Late October with a release projected for early 2016.

To keep up to date on all things 3 Demon Entertainment be sure to check their website HERE ( and follow their Facebook

Be on the lookout for the upcoming World of Death compilation which will feature their short titled Memory. We leave you with their latest lyric video for rock band Malacoda’s song “Cruel Departure” and a snake peak at some make-up tests they have been doing for their latest project.